Samsung Removed Ads from Samsung Pay & Health apps

No one likes ads on their premium phones, especially from a company like Samsung. Like Xiaomi & Oppo, in the past, Samsung also started to show ads in its pre-installed apps. This August, Samsung has promised to remove advertisements from its default apps. Later, it has removed ads from the weather app, and now to continue its promise, it stopped showing ads in Samsung Pay & Samsung Health apps. The company has officially announced it, and now users in South Korea can experience these two apps without ads.

Both of the default apps become messy due to overloaded ads, and its other example is the Weather app. In these apps, Samsung was showing ads at the top, middle, and bottom of the main screen. After heavy criticism from users as well as from tech experts, Samsung decided to remove ads. After all, users have paid over $1,999 to buy a device to get ad-free & uninterrupted services.

Here is the official statement from Samsung Health Manager at the Samsung community.

Samsung Removed Samsung Pay Ads

This is the Samsung Health Operation Manager. Please note that the banner at the top of the Samsung Health app will not be provided from October 1st.

Also, you can read user’s better experiences after the removal of ads by visiting the below source. Some users claim, after removing ads from Samsung Pay, they have seen much faster speed in payment execution. Finally, the Samsung Themes is another service that will soon get an ad-free version.

Source (in Korean)