Developer Brings YouTube Music to Wear OS 2.0 Watches

It was heartbreaking news for all the existing Wear OS users when Google launched YouTube Music app on the watches, but only for Wear OS 3 version. The users which are using smartwatches with Wear OS 2.0 version were abandoned from the list and exclusively launched the app for OS 3. Right now, it is only available for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch Classic, which is recently entered in the Wear OS club. At the launch, Google confirmed YouTube Music will not come to the older smartwatches.

Though the company ignored launching YouTube Music on an older version, it won’t stop developers to port the app to Wear OS 2. Thanks to the developer named Alexandru Pop on Twitter, now users can use YouTube Music services on previous versions. The developer has managed to port the phone version of the Music app to the smartwatch. As he mentioned, it wasn’t easy to scale the phone version to fit in the smartwatch screen, but he managed to tweak the app to work properly.

YouTube Music on Wear OS 2

It is still an unoptimized app, and you may encounter minor issues, but it works. To install the app, you have to go through some steps that you should know what you are doing. The app is based on YouTube Music Vanced, a modified version, which needs to bypass the restrictions of the original app. If you don’t know how to do it and what’s the risk, then you should visit this XDA Developers page, and follow the instructions.