Massive One UI 3.1 Update Started Rolling Out for Other Galaxy Devices

The current One UI 3.0 firmware with Android 11 is still rolling out for many Samsung Galaxy devices. It has made through almost all the flagship devices in major countries. Now, Samsung has started rolling out the new One UI 3.1 update for non-Galaxy S21 series devices. The company has introduced this new feature-packed firmware with Galaxy S21 lineup. The Galaxy S21 has not reached into all hands out there, but this will not stop Samsung from releasing new version to the other devices. The company is releasing One UI 3.1 version for the Galaxy Tab S7 LTE, S7+ LTE & S7+ 5G with all the goodies.

In the new One UI 3.1 version, users will get new features, improvements to the existing functions and some new tricks in the settings. Here is the official changelog for the Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G, which is nearly same as the Galaxy S21.

1. Experience the new One UI with the Android 11 upgrade One UI 3.1 has a refined design and high performance, and provide a sense of satisfaction.

2. Core functions that you use repeatedly in your daily life are always cuter and help you focus on what matters.

3. Privacy has been enhanced to be more secure, and improved to allow for a more balanced use of the digital wellbeing function on-device.

New One UI 3.1 Update

4. When Samsung releases new One UI updates to its latest flagship phone, then the second new devices get the this version.

5. We’ve improved the design so that we can focus more on sophisticated and stagnant design content, and feel visual comfort.

6. The softer, more natural and the narrower response than before add to the joy of use, and the interface that responds to various screen sizes provides the best experience on different types of devices such as smartphones, foldable phones, and tablets.

7. It provides seamless usability through platform optimization, such as faster app execution speed and behavior than improved performance, and improved memory allocation performance.

8. By minimizing unnecessary app actions that occur in the background, system performance and power usage overall have also been constant.

9. Customize to your liking.

10. Add image categories for dynamic lock screen and select up to 5 categories at a time.

11. Added widget that allows you to check mobile phone usage time on the lock screen.

12. Support interactive preview function when setting wallpaper.

13. Improved Samsung screen convenience store interface.

14. Set the incoming and outgoing call screens to various contents such as videos.

15. Samsung Internet’s tab lock and order can be changed: Various conditions and sermon methods have been added so that Bixby Routine can be used within what I want.

16. Separate personal profile and work profile to use digital whirling Core functions that are used repeatedly, use 8 screens and hidden screens.

17. You can add related widgets by long-pressing the app icon on the hop screen.

18. Double-tap the empty space of Home Hypnosis and Dory Hypnosis Screen Off function ((Settings> Useful functions Motion and Gesture) can be installed.)

19. Change the interaction and check the widget by tapping the Shige area of Hwamin Jang.

20. In addition, management functions have been added to make meetings with important people more enjoyable and meaningful.

The lastest One UI 3.1 version is currently rolling out for Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G. The tab users can check their devices for new firmware version that ends with BUA8. It is massive update and it come with 2442 MB space, so make sure you have enough space, and it is recommended to use the Wi-Fi. In the coming weeks, the new One UI 3.1 version with Android 11 will release for other flagship & mid-range devices. The Galaxy S20 & Note 20 lineup could be the next one to get this version.