Garmin Fenix 6 & Forerunner 945 Receives Major Updates

Garmin is never lefts alone its all the smartwatches. It seeds new firmware to the new Fenix 7 as well as Vivoactive 3 & 4 series. Now, two more devices are getting the latest beta updates with new features. The Fenix 6 series is receiving some additional features, and the Forerunner 945 gets Fenix 7 features. Recently, Garmin has brought Fenix 7 features to Fenix 6 series, and now, another watch gets them. For the Fenix 6 lineup, the company has upgraded Connect IQ to System 5 version.

The list for both watches is really huge in change and new additions. The Fenix 6 series have received new endurance horseback riding activity and an Easyhunt feature to the Dogtrack app. It will now inform you when there is no GPS signal or unresponsive while in the activity. It will inform you to reboot the watch to get a working GPS signal. Along with it, many workout activities see improvements and changes. It has also fixed minor bugs to get the most from your activities.

Forerunner 945 Software Update

For Forerunner 945 smartwatch, there is added strength mode to check the improved workout preview with a map of muscles. Further, it has added a resting heartrate true-up feature and fixed known issues. The Fenix 6 series gets a 20.82 beta version, and 945 gets a 9.56 beta version. Both are beta software updates. You should download the version if you know what are you doing. It is the beta firmware, so there might be some bugs. To get a stable version, wait for a public update.