Samsung Launched Image Enhancement App Galaxy Enhance-X

To enhance the image quality of the captured images, Samsung has launched a new Galaxy Enhance-X app in Galaxy Store. It is a new app to improve the picture of your stored images in Gallery. After the Expert RAW app, it is another app from Samsung for photography lovers. In the Expert RAW app, you can adjust your phone camera to capture the perfect image. On the other hand, Galaxy Enhance-X will fix the images that you have already taken.

The app will help you to remove unwanted blur from images, and we think it is good for users. Further, it can sharpen and upscale resolution, remove reflections, improve dynamic range and brighten photos captured in low-light areas.

The taken images and the original images will be saved in JPEG format, which is the only option for now. In the upcoming updates, Samsung may introduce more features and image formats to the app. To repair and improve images, Samsung has taken the help of AI techniques.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App

In the Android Play Store, it has competition with Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, and PicsArt apps, which offer the same features. These apps are known as industry leaders in this particular area. The Galaxy Enhance-X is a new app, and we need to test its performance.

For now, the app supports smartphones running Android 10 and above. It will work with Galaxy S series, Note series, and Galaxy Z series for sure. Samsung also said the app supports Galaxy A, M & F series smartphones, though some users complained their phones do not support it.

Source: Galaxy Store