Alpha 9.14 Update for Fenix 7 & Epix 2 Brings Forerunner 955 Features

Garmin is now delivering a new Alpha 9.14 version to the Fenix 7 & Epix 2 series smartwatches. In the latest alpha version, the company has brought plenty of Forerunner 955 features to the Fenix 7 & Epix 2 series. At the launching of the Forerunner 955, Garmin promised to release its features to previous smartwatches and the rollout has now begun. The new HRV Status, Training Readiness, Acute Training Load, Morning report, Race calender & race pace widgets, and daily suggested workouts have come to these watches.

Apart from that, Garmin has launched some new other features to the watches. It has added SatIQ support, eBike support, race day feature, stock widget, reference point app, and widget glance folder. Further, it has received the Cycling ability feature from Edge 1040 device. For Golf users, it brings Golf virtual caddie support and Golf wind speed & direction support. Finally, Garmin has fixed many existing features.

Fenix 7 Series Alpha 9.14 Update

The list is too long to cover. You can read the changelog for Fenix 7 series and Epix 2 below.

Added SatIQ support

Added eBike support

Added Race Day features

Added Stocks widget glance

Added a Reference Point app

Added widget glance folders

Added Cycling Ability feature

Added Golf Virtual Caddie support

Added categorization to Activity setup

Added Training Readiness widget glance

Added a power key control menu item for RCT

Added Golf wind speed and direction support

Added ability to disable temperature recording for an activity

Added support for Run Power when paired with a compatible accessory

Added multicolor support to Climb Pro graphs for non-biking activities

Added a “What’s New” screen to call out new features in software updates

Added a watch face chart data fields for battery level and floors climbed

Fixed issues with Jumpmaster wind entry

Fixed issue with the Lock on Road feature

Fixed some localization/translation issues

Fixed issue with auto lap pace alert showing 0:00 time

Fixed golf Tournament mode Green View zoom scaling issue

Fixed issue with hours field for Set Timer in strength workouts

Fixed issue with touch interaction when viewing a Climb preview

Fixed inability to access Segments during an Ultra Run activity

Fixed potential corrupted characters in Daily Suggested Workout

Fixed potential screen flash when using a Connect IQ watch face

Fixed potential shutdown when changing music during an activity

Fixed issue with Climb Pro graph coloring for some bike profiles

Fixed potential shutdown when receiving a tip while on a Connect IQ watch face.

Fixed issue causing the device to incorrectly report that it was out of storage space

Fixed potential shutdown when in a strength workout and transitioning from a jog step

Fixed issue where a solar setting was showing up in the Garmin Connect app on non-solar devices

Improved Wi-Fi download speeds

Improved automatic altimeter calibration

Improvements made to Daily Suggested Workouts

Improved VO2 Max graph to now show 4 weeks of data

Improvements and fixes made to Green Contours support

Improvements and fixes were made to the Adventure Race activity

Improved Flashlight to remember configured settings over a power cycle

Improved sensors menu by moving connected sensors to the top of the list

Improved the automatic max heart rate notifications and associated settings

Increased the maximum Golf Club count to 30

Update usage of alpha/beta status on the About page

Updated phone app pairing flow to now use PIN comparison

Don’t be confused with the Alpha version as they are previously called beta, but the company has changed rules recently. You can’t download alpha software automatically on your smartwatch. You have to manually download them.