Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 are Upgrading to New Major Firmware

The two latest smartwatches Fitbit Versa 3 & Fitbit Sense are now enjoying a new firmware update. A new version brings some changes to the watches to make it easier for users to access them. The first major change came to the SpO2 function. Users can access blood oxygen level data from one more place. It does not help much to some users, but few might get from it and find it easy. Users can access previous weeks of data from the Health Metrics Dashboard. It is inside the Today section of the Fitbit app, and only available for Premium Fitbit users.

With the new software, Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 users can set new high & low heart rate alerts. To get the essential alerts about your health, it is necessary to set values to your heart rate data. The smartwatch will alert when the heart rate goes above or below set values. It is not a new function to other watches. Apple Watch, Garmin Watch, and few other apps support this feature for a long time. New Clock Face Switcher will help you to change wallpapers or watch faces by long pressing on the main display.

Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Update

Fitbit offers plenty of beautiful watch faces, and with a press & hold main display feature, you can easily switch to other dials. Audible Response is what new to the Fitbit watches. After the update, you can hear a voice response from Google Assistant. Of course, these responses are not useful all the time, so you can disable this function whenever you want. To get this version, users must install the latest Fitbit app from the Play Store or App Store. It is rolling out in phases, so check it manually for any pending updates.