The Best Apps to Use on Fitbit Sense & Versa 3

Apps for Fitbit wearables are rising and in the upcoming years, we could see tons of advanced apps in the app stores. After Apple, Samsung, Garmin & Google, Fitbit is the best place to get essential apps. The store does not have too many apps compared to Apple Watch Store, Galaxy Store & Wear OS Store, but it is filling the gap quickly. After the launch of Fitbit Sense & Fitbit Versa 3, many developers have introduced their apps in the Fitbit Gallery. Especially, the Fitbit Sense, which carries lots of the best features like ECG & SpO2 checker doing wonderful in the market.

After the ECG & Blood oxygen level, both the new Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 watches become the perfect and advanced watches on your wrist. Top of that, the Fitbit Gallary allows you to download the most essential and other fitness apps. You may not find all the apps that you have seen in Apple Watch & Galaxy Store, but the needy ones are there. There is plenty of best apps from each category, and you will find them needy. I will start with some of those best apps for Fitbit Sense & Fitbit Versa 3 watches.

1. Find my Phone

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

Fitbit is a little late to launch the Find my Phone app. The app is always part of the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Fossil Gen 5, Garmin Fenix 6, Oppo Watch, and other premium smartwatches. The app will help you to find out where you put your paired smartphone. Many times we forget where we have kept the phones, so in that case, it will help you. The Find my Phone app supports both Fitbit Sense & Versa 3. It does not support any Fitbit Charge or Ionic watches.

Get: Find my Phone

2. SpO2 Tracker

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

It is one of the most lovable apps in the Fitbit Gallery. With the launch of new watches, Fitbit has introduced its new SpO2 tracker app. Previously, on Fitbit Versa 2, Charge 4, Versa Lite & Ionic, users have to go to the sleep section to see the results. Now, users can enable it with SpO2 Tracker. Still, it has one flaw, and that is you can only use it in your sleep. The continuous blood oxygen measurement is still not available, and that might change in future updates.

Get: SpO2 Tracker

3. Flipboard

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

One of the best content-reading apps is on your wrist. Flipboard is always a curated platform for highly trending or other important news. You can select your favorite categories to get the latest news and reviews. The feeling to read the articles will not the same as you read them on smartphones or tablets. Still, the rectangular display of the Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 is fine enough to show you the words. For your quick reading, download the Flipboard app.

Get: Flipboard

4. Maps

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

Don’t worry, if you are missing your Google Maps in outdoor activities. You can use the new Maps app on the smartwatches to get the current location. The app is powered by Here maps, and it takes an internet connection to load the tiles. You can use your fingers to pan, zoom in, or zoom out, display the current location, and the other shortcuts. To get the current location, give the location access on your phone & smartwatch.

Get: Maps

5. Uber by Fitbit

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

Like Spotify, Fitbit has launched an Uber app for all premium watches. It is not the official app or doesn’t have any official statement about when the official version will launch. In the meantime, you can use Fitbit’s creation of the Uber by Fitbit. It features the rides, the fair price, location, estimated arrival time, and driver details. I think it is all a user wants from the app. For more functions, you can open it on the smartphone, but in the hurry, you can book a taxi from the wrist.

Get: Uber

6. C25K Trainer

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

Have you felt exhausted during the workout and feel to stop the exercise in the middle? Well, then you need a coaching app that could lead you to a tough time. The C25K Trainer is one such app that helps you to keep motivated. It is an 8-week program to lead a healthy life. It will guide you in your daily running and walking activities throughout the day. It also challenges you to build strength and stamina. Get the C25K Trainer for the Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 devices.

Get: C25K Trainer

7. Pandora

Best Fitbit Sense Apps

After Spotify, the other option for music lovers. You can listen to your favorite songs and podcasts on the Fitbit watches. Currently, it is available in limited countries, but soon it will enter other markets. To listen to the music you have to subscribe to Pandora, and then you can enjoy it. It requires a paid subscription for ad-free and offline music playing options. It can also run without the need for a paired smartphone.

Get: Pandora

8. Fitbit Agenda

it is another official app that is helpful in everyday tasks. The Wear OS & App Store has an official Microsoft Outlook app to save the upcoming events and work on them. The Fitbit Gallery doesn’t have an Outlook app, but the official team has launched the Fitbit Agenda app. It lets you pin the upcoming events, get alerts, see descriptions, and set other important dates. You can download the app on both Fitbit Sense & Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatches.

Get: Fitbit Agenda

Fitbit Gallery is still growing and in the coming years, it will grow at its best. These top 7 apps for the Fitbit Sense & Fitbit Versa 3 come without any price. When more quality apps come to the Gallery, then I will update the list and add them here.