Best GPS & Navigation Apps for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5

Apple has launched a new Apple Watch Series 5 with the most advanced functions. It has added separate App Store for Apple Watch, cuts the need of iPhone to download the apps on smartphone and synchronize them on the watch. Apple has launched three new apps in the fitness section. The new Noise, Sleep (coming soon) & Cycle apps. The new watch has plenty of fitness apps to use in daily workout and also it crowded with apps from most commonly used categories. When you search for the specific app then you will get in the App Store. The GPS & navigations apps are somehow hard to dig. Apple Watch Series 4 & Apple Watch Series 5 comes with various sensors, GPS tracking, and better antennas to use maps & navigation services.

We can use our Apple smartwatch to find out streets in new cities to find restaurants, hotels, cinema halls, schools, hospitals and heritage places. Sadly, back in 2017 Google removed its Google Maps app from the Apple Watch store, but you can use alternatives to it. If you are searching for best GPS & navigation apps in App Store then I will help you to find out. I have listed best GPS & navigation apps for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 4 smartwatches.

Watch Series 5 GPS Apps

1. Apple Maps

Apple has created a curated version of Apple Maps for the smartwatches. The map & navigation app from the company is not good compared to Google Maps. The Google Maps are quite old in the market and updated many times to make it perfect and show you accurate tracking. On the other hand, Apple Maps is new and the company still working on it to provide most of the services to users. Use it to find locations in the new cities and to On turn by turn navigation.

2. Citymapper

You can call it is one of the best GPS & navigation app for the Apple Watch. It is the old app in the App Store since the first version of the watch. You can take advantage of it to search for various places in the city. Also, you can navigate the streets by running, walking & driving by bike, car or other transport services. The Citymapper will alert you when you reach your destination with simple notification.

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3. Compass Deluxe

Apple has rewarded this app as the best compass navigation app for its accurate services to navigators. The Compass app lets you find altitude of an area, buildings near you, latitude/longitude display and other options. It is best for hiking, trekking, camping and other discoveries in unknown regions. The weather information on the current location and flashlight in the night have provided as an essential function.

4. Scout GPS, ETA, Maps & Traffic

Best in use to turn by turn voice navigation on the roads so you can ride your vehicle without any worries. The company behind Scout GPS, ETA Maps & Traffic calls itself as only a social navigation app in the App Store. It lets you share your location or meeting address with your friends and also allows you to track your friends with location sharing. Real-time traffic and live speed updates help you to find best and quickest way to reach your destination.

5. Find Near Me

To find out gas stations, bars, restaurants, ATM, hotels, banks, hospitals and more places, you can use the Find Near Me app. It automatically locates your current location and guides you in new city. Find the distance you have to walk or ride to reach the place. The app uses Google Maps API to show you accurate location by using the GPS & navigation system. Find Near Me works on both Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 smartwatches.

These are the best GPS & navigation apps for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 smartwatches. Apple has introduced a separate App Store on all WatchOS 6 supported watches so you don’t need to download and synchronize them on paired iPhones. Download these apps directly from Apple Watch and use them. Make sure to get accurate results to turn on GPS on your smartwatch.