Best Garmin Watch Apps (2024)

Garmin has recently launched feature-packed Fenix 7 series smartwatches. The Garmin Epix Gen 2 is also the new watch to target specific audiences. These watches are now doing their best to grab the users towards the Garmin platform, which is far more significant than the Wear OS 3 platform. After the Connect IQ store, more third-party developers have launched their best apps on Garmin watches. The whole library has now packed with apps, widgets, watch faces & extensions from various categories. The launch of Spotify, Dexcom, Amazon Music on all-new Garmin wearables gives broad options to users to listen to music from the wrist.

Garmin’s Connect IQ store is much larger than we think. You will get the apps for your workouts, entertainment, maps & navigation, weather, calendar & calculator, battery widgets, and many more. I have listed out some of the best & must-have apps for your smartwatches that you could use in your daily routines. Some of the apps from the list may not support older watches due to their compatibility but most of them are compatible. The new Fenix 7 Series, Epix Gen 2, Fenix 6 series, Marq series, and new Forerunner 945 & 245 series devices have these all apps in the Connect IQ store. See below the best Garmin smartwatch apps.

Best Garmin watch apps (2024)

1. Strava Routes

Best Garmin Watch Apps

The Strava Routes will help you to complete your running by tracking your daily routes. You can share your ways with your friends and family as well as receive their regular running routes. Once they send you running way, then you can also run on their path and vice versa. The app will alert you when you go on the new maps. Of Course, it is not compulsory. You can choose your route to stay fit & healthy. It is different than the original Strava app, which only synchronizes data from any device. The app is the main rival to the Komoot and its route-planner services.

Download: Strava Routes

2. Amazon Music

You will not see an Amazon Music app on any smartwatches out there. It is not even available on Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, or Fossil smartwatches. Amazon has launched its online music streaming app Amazon Music exclusively for Garmin watches. At the moment, the app supports Fenix 7, 6, 5, 5+, Forerunner 945, 245, 245 Music, and Marq watches. Stream all the favorite songs and play them all day without using a paired smartphone. Search your best songs by genre, album, actor/actress, singer, composer, and category.

Download: Amazon Music

3. AccuWeather

The most accurate weather reporting app, AccuWeather is now on this platform. Get the weather report from your area on your wrist. Going for outdoor activities or for other reasons? Then see on the app, whether it will rain outside or snow. You can make a perfect schedule when you know the weather report for your city. AccuWeather guides you for the next seven days in advance.

Download: AccuWeather

4. Spotify

Best Garmin Watch Apps

Amazon Music has lots of audio songs on the list but you want more then download the Spotify app. The Spotify music streaming app is now almost available on all smartwatches, including Tizen to LiteOS. The biggest library of songs will give broad choices to listen to favorite tracks and also you can download them offline for the slow internet connectivity. The only drawback is you have to get access to a Premium subscription to use the app. It will not allow you to stream music for free or by serving ads.

Download: Spotify

5. 7 Minute Workout

With a rating of above 4-star, the 7 Minute Workout app on the Garmin smartwatches. Choose between 13 different workouts as high-intensity workout training. In the app, you can set any exercise for 30 seconds with an interval of 10 seconds each. The practices include cardio, strength, and flexibility for your daily body buildup. It is the whole pack to workout & other activities. Download the 7 Minute Workout from the Garmin Connect IQ store on your new Garmin watches.

Download: 7 Minute Workout

6. Maps Nav

Maps Nav is a compatible app for Android’s NavGarmin app. To work the app you have to download NavGarmin on your Android smartphone and later download & install Maps Nav on the smartwatch. It takes Google Map data to show you unknown places. Use GPS & track the location or use turn by turn navigation to find the routes. To get most of the app, enable Google Map Navigation feature on your smartphone, and then it will automatically receive the data.

Download: Map Nav

7. Uber ETA

Best Garmin Watch Apps

It will not replace the Uber app features of the smartphone version, but it completes all the basic needs. You can see the status of your car, its information, and the current location. These features are not available on other smartwatches like Samsung or Fossil so Garmin users are lucky to get them. It even shows the direction of the car and the pickup location for a convenient ride.

Download: Uber ETA

8. Sleep as Android

Do you want to measure your sleep? Then the world’s most trusted sleep tracking app Sleep as Android is on your Garmin watch. The app will track your heart rate while sleeping and gives you accurate data. It will improve your sleep by providing you with all the results. Sleep as an Android app always makes space into the best fitness apps for any smartwatches. For sleep tracking, get the app on your watch.

Download: Sleep as Android

9. Pregnancy Tracking

It is one of the best Garmin watch apps. With the Pregnancy Tracking app, Garmin has become the first smartwatch company to introduce a pregnancy-related app on the wearable. The women users can use the app during their pregnancy to track their health and other essential data. You can check the current week of your pregnancy, track symptoms, glucose level, the baby’s movement, and more.

To get with the Pregnancy Tracker, you have to sync it with the women’s Health Tracking feature. It is a new app in the store and didn’t receive good reviews, so use it and tell us your experience with it.

Download: Pregnancy Tracking

10. Hiking App Professional

The Garmin watches always win the race with the sold GPS technology, various sensors, powerful battery, and the fastest chipset. All the features are in the favor of long hiking, and for that, you just only need one good app. The Garmin Store presents your Hiking App Professional, the highly recommended app for hikers or mountain climbers.

You can track the parameters like time, distance, speed, and pace with the accurate GPS service. In the advance, it monitors your temperature, foot pod, and heart rate with ANT+ technology to make sure you are in good health.

Download: Hiking App Professional

11. Dexcom CIQ

It is the new app in the Garmin Connect IQ Store and is available for limited users in the US. The app will help users to track their real-time diabetic glucose levels, on select watches. You can see the performance, dashboard, history of the last three months, and trends while doing workouts. The app is not available for the basic Fenix 6 series and all the previous watches. It also requires Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor device. It is available to install in the US in an initial phase, and will soon enter the other market.

Download: Dexcom CIQ

12. Komoot

Garmin & Komoot has tied up to create the best adventure buddy for the users. It is a perfect trip plan app that will create & provide the best & accurate navigation map for your next tour. In hiking or any other outdoor adventure, you should know the perfect route otherwise it could kill your time. In this situation, Komoot will become your best route-planner & and GPS guide. You get the help of experts and share your route with the community. Further, you can take maps offline, and use many premium services with extra chunks. It is an official app and supports all the Garmin watches.

Download: Komoot

In the current year, Garmin has launched many smartwatches in its premium lineup. The new Venu 2 Plus, Epix Gen 2, and Fenix 7 series watches are a few of them. The company also introduced the Scuba Diving app for users. To get most of your Garmin watch, download & install the above apps. Want to recommend more best Garmin watch apps, then head to the comment section.

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