Garmin may soon Release Wearables with ECG & BP Features

All across the world, users applauses Garmin for its high-end products and advanced functions. With the premium products like Fenix & Forerunner series, the company has earned a huge fanbase. Still, some features are missing on Garmin smartwatches and other fitness trackers. Garmin still has to announce its products with ECG & blood pressure functions. Most of us think Fenix 7 series will fill the gap, but that didn’t happen.

Now as per the new patent filed by Garmin, it is one step closer to introducing ECG & blood pressure features. The patent was first spotted by the Gadgets & Wearable website in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), which shows Garmin is near to launching these functions.

The patent describes a Garmin smartwatch that can track ECG measurements. The paperwork describes two electrical contact points. The one is located on a bezel or physical button, and the second one is on the back side that contacts with wearer’s skin.

Garmin ECG & BP Features
Image Source: USPTO

The patent has also mentioned BP measurement on the smartwatch. There are not many details about the second one, but the source claims it is an on-demand service and may have two contact points. More clarification will come from the company in the coming weeks or months.

In a market, all the premium smartwatches have ECG & BP features in most of the major countries. Samsung first launched it on Galaxy Watch Active 2, Apple on Watch Series 4, Fitbit with Fitbit Sense, and now even Amazfit has these features. Garmin may launch it with upcoming smartwatches like Fenix 8 series or the wearables.

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