Android 14 & iPhone 14 to Bring Satellite Connectivity to the Phone

Apple & Google are working on their next major software versions for the year 2023. We know those major upgrades will be the Android 14 version and iPhone 14 phone. Now the major function from the upcoming versions have leaked, which will come to both platforms. According to the tipsters, Google & Apple both are working on direct satellite connectivity for smartphones. It will be a breakthrough feature for the devices if it becomes reality.

We can trust the news as in the US, T-Mobile and SpaceX are working on the same technology. They have also announced to launch it later year for their different services. It means Google & Apple will also launch it for their Android phones & iPhone devices.

Google has also officially announced to bring support for satellite connection in the next software. The Senior Vice President of Platforms & Ecosystems, Hiroshi Lockheimer has also confirmed it in his latest Tweet.

He mentioned, “We’re designing for satellites. Cool! Excited to support our partners in enabling all of this in the next version of Android!” Here, the next Android version is Android 14, because Android 13 is already distributed for Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Hiroshi further mentioned that it will improve speed, connectivity, and interaction time. Also, he stated the experience will be different than the current 5G connectivity. The next Android 14 & iOS 17 will launch in mid-of 2023 in beta programs.