Samsung Closed S Voice, Find My Car, Car Mode & MirrorLink Services

The S Voice service, along with the other three functions, has been discontinued today by Samsung. The company has previously declared to close these functions on June 1st. As the company said today, all the services have been terminated. Today onward, you can not use S Voice, Find my Car, Car Mode & MirrorLink functions on any devices. It might be the first time Samsung has terminated its numbers of services in a single day. In these services, S Voice was once the glory of Samsung and the leading voice assistant on many devices. The other MirrorLink, Find my Car & Car Mode, was also helpful for many users.

Samsung had introduced S Voice with Galaxy S3 smartphone in 2012 as a personal assistant. Since then, it is part of many flagship smartphones and smartwatches. It was inbuilt on Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4, 5, and some other Galaxy series devices. The S Voice slowly started to disappear when Samsung introduced a more advanced Bixby function in 2017.

Samsung discontinued S Voice service

S Voice Service Closed

Now today, most Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches use Bixby. Samsung is now rolling out Bixby on all these devices as a replacement for S Voice. Further, MirrorLink was allowing users to connect their smartphones with their cars. Users could mirror their smartphone display to the head unit of the vehicle. In the Car Mode, users could only use the essential features while driving, such as navigation & streaming. Car Mode was the company’s reply to Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, but it looks like it failed to grab the attention of users.

The last Find my Car, as its name suggests, could find the parked car. The app was only available on wearable devices. With the app, users could connect their car with Samsung wearables, with then using GPS; users can track where you parked it. All these services have now been closed by Samsung. You can not anymore download & install these apps from the Play Store or Galaxy Store.