Google Allows Third-Party Billing for Play Store in India

Google Play Store Billing

After the Supreme Court of India rejected Google’s plea against the Competition Commission of India’s order, now Google has to make changes in its business policies in India. Last year CCI fined Google $161 million and ordered it to make changes in its business practices. Google is now making suitable changes in its policies in India to comply with local laws. The CCI slammed the company, especially for restrictions on third-party payment and billing services.

Consequently, Indian customers will be able to use third-party billing services for the purchase of apps and games on the Google Play Store. Further, users can also use other search engines apart from the default one. It also announced that its smartphone makers will be allowed to license individual apps for pre-installation on the Android device they ship.

Google Play Store Billing

The Competition Commission of India’s order to Google is a step to expand users’ choices to restrict Cupertino company from practicing anti-competitive practices. Further, the CCI asked it not to force smartphone manufacturers to pre-install so many Google apps by default. However, it warned that bringing these orders into effect may raise the prices of smartphones. But the CCI’s order ensures individual choice over Google’s hegemony.

To implement the order of CCI, Google is taking all necessary steps and efforts. However, the company reiterated that it will continue to appeal against the CCI’s order. Meanwhile, changes in policies will be taking place to comply with the orders.