Fenix 6 series 22.80 update

Since the last few updates, Garmin has been continuously releasing stable software updates for Fenix 6 series. The last 21.80 version was released with plenty of fixes and a couple of new features. Now, Garmin is releasing a 22.10 firmware update for Fenix 6 series. It is also a stable version, and its main focus is to squash some known bugs. It has fixed an issue where ‘Battery in Days’ reports zeroes in Connect IQ app.

This battery reporting issue was supposed to fix in the previous version, but it is still carried in a new version. It is still mentioned in the changelog, and hope this time it has been solved. Incorrect value in cycling VO2 Max will now show you correct results.

The false reporting in walk/run/idle total time didn’t equal total time displayed on a watch and Garmin connect has been fixed. Further, the golf courses will load without failing when you start them. You can read the whole 22.10 changelog for Fenix 6 series below.

Fenix 6 series 22.10 update

Fixed an issue where Run/Walk/Idle total time didn’t equal Total Time displayed on watch/Garmin Connect (now all times when totaled should match Total Time).

Fixed an issue where a user could not delete a Strength workout from the device.

Fixed an issue with Metronome hotkey not working in the Walk activity.

Fixed an issue in the Jumpmaster activity where the listed elevation data would not properly update.

Fixed an issue that could prevent the device from booting up properly.

Fixed a possible crash when completing Strength workouts that didn’t have any rep counting steps.

Fixed an issue where “Battery in Days” would report 0 in Connect IQ apps.

Fixed an issue causing incorrect cycling VO2 max values.

Fixed an issue where golf courses could fail to load.

Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

The new firmware update is currently rolling out for the first 25% of Fenix 6 series users. Wait until it reaches your Garmin watch.


By Madhav Biradar

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