Apple Announces watchOS 9 with New Health Features

In the Apple watchOS 9 version, the company introduced some new health features and improved watch faces. For the first time, it looks like instead of revealing new features, Apple is trying to catch other companies. Most of the health features that Apple has unveiled are available on Fitbit & Samsung watches. It includes medication tracking, sleep stages, improved watch faces, first-of-its-kind AFib history, and some workout apps.

It has added four new watch faces – Astronomy, Playtime, Metropolitan & Lunar. The updates for existing watch faces bring new features that you can customize from settings. The Portraits face similar to the Animal face on Galaxy Watch receives new faces of different animals.

The Workout app now shows more vital data and metrics on the screen. In customized workout plans, users can set their suitable exercises with custom work and rest intervals. In the health sections, users will get new alerts for pace, power, heart rate, and cadence.

Like Fitbit, Amazfit & Samsung, Apple will now tell you more about your sleep. It will show sleep stages in Core, REM & deep sleep. In the added multisport workout, users can automatically switch between running, swimming, and biking workouts. The running session will provide more information like stride length, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation.

Apple watchOS 9 Features
Source: Apple

The WatchOS 9 comes with an AFib history, useful for those who are diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. It tracks heart rate and continuously checks for any AFib sign. The Medications feature will let you manage and track your daily medication and supplement schedules and reminders.

Further, the new version brings plenty of improvements to the other features. The WatchOS 9 version will start rolling out for users later this year. The support watches will be announced later.