Samsung Reportedly Cancelled Galaxy S22 FE

Galaxy S22 FE Cancelled

Along with the flagship models, Samsung always launches its fan edition. The company introduced it every year, but that might halt this year. According to the report, it has decided to cancel Galaxy S22 FE from its launch event. Furthermore, the report says Samsung may have discontinued S22 FE and it will never release. The Galaxy S22, S22+ & S22 Ultra smartphones have launched this year, so users waiting for their fan edition.

Samsung has already terminated ‘Lite’ variants from its flagship models. Galaxy S10 & Galaxy Note 10 were the last flagship models to have their Lite variants – Galaxy S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite. The Mini series was also the same which always came with premium models, which have already been canceled.

It is still a rumor report, but the company has a history to stop some of its devices. The rumors were also active about the cancellation of Galaxy S21 FE. Yes sure, it had taken a very long time to launch in the market, and it was finally released.

Galaxy S22 FE Cancelled
Image: Galaxy S22 Ultra

Some users always raised the question that when we have regular models then why fan editions. The answer is cheap price with almost all the features that carry with the main model. If you look closely, then you will not find any concern with Galaxy S21 FE when comparing it with Galaxy S21.

If we are talking smartphone terminations, then how can we forget the Galaxy Note series. Samsung has discontinued the entire Galaxy Note series. It is still early rumors about Galaxy S22 FE. We have to wait until official confirmation from the company itself.