Withings ScanWatch receives New Major 2421 Update

We mostly don’t hear too much news about the Withings ScanWatch lineup. Recently, it broke the news, when the company officially launched a smartwatch in the US market. It is time for the company to make a new announcement about its software update. Withings has released a new 2421 firmware version for the ScanWatch to add a couple of features. As per the changelog, the device will now remind you to start your activity. The activity reminder will notify you when there is no motion detection in an hour.

It also reminds you to tighten your watch while measuring your heart rate. Well, this is not new or we don’t think users need to have it. As per the Gadgets & Wearables, the software includes a hands behavior to tell digital display screen. The function is already available on the 42mm model and Horizon model. The function will let you press the crown button to move your hands in 10:10 positions. Some users will find it useful with their Withings watch.

Withings ScanWatch Update

Further, the changelog mentions there are UI improvements to the wearable. It is difficult to find which changes the company has made in the user interface for now. Finally, it has squashed known bugs to enhance the user experience. The new 2421 software version has started rolling out this week. It will take some time to reach all the countries including the US.