Huawei Watch Update Tracker: Watch GT 3 Pro Gets New Version

This article is dedicated to Huawei Watch series updates and their release dates. I will update the news when there is new software or firmware available for Huawei Watch. The HarmonyOS platform is on the rise, and the company is releasing it now and then. Now, it is our work to keep an eye on them and keep you alert. I will post if there is an update for Huawei Watch 3, Watch 3 Pro, Watch GT 2, Watch GT 3, Watch GT 3 Pro, Watch Fit 2, and other series watches.

Update (July 22): Huawei Released Firmware for Watch GT 3 Pro

Huawei has released another essential firmware update for the new Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatch. The latest version number has been rolled out for the wearable in major countries. As per sources, the company has fixed the problem with messages, which were displaying incorrectly in other languages than English. To make it a bug-free watch, it has even killed some known bugs. It is 91.7 MB in file size, and rolling out in major countries.

Update (July 13): Watch 3 Gets Major New Features in Latest Version

In the massive firmware update, Huawei Watch 3 has received significant and essential features. the company has rolled out firmware version with a 297MB file size. The sleep mode function will now mute all the sounds except the alarm, which is a convenient feature. Also, users can search the music from the smartwatch and play it. Further, it can sync health data with other equipment like smartphones, smartwatches, and sports tools. Finally, it allows users to reply to third-party apps.

Update (July 12): Watch Fit 2 Gets Music Control Function

In the latest firmware version for Huawei Watch Fit 2, Huawei brings a music control feature for iOS users. It is quite surprising the company put such an essential function on hold. Now, iPhone users can control their phone music from the smartwatch. It will let you play next, previous, pause the song, increase or decrease the song, and see the song info. Further, the update loads bug fixes and improvements for the Watch Fit 2.

Update (June 11): The first firmware update for Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro in the current month is now live. The European users of the latest Huawei Watch are receiving a June update with minor improvements. Where the previous version brought Find my device and other features, this one only came for system stability. The build number has changed to HarmonyOS It is 397MB in size but doesn’t carry much weight. To improve watch performance, install the latest version.

Update (May 27): As reported by sources, the company dispatched HarmonyOS 2.1 version to the Watch GT 3 model. It brings a couple of new features along with software stability. The new version has a multi-service widget to gather all needy information in one place. It also adds a display menu in training settings. Further, it improves swim lane count, heart rate measurement, music playback, and optimizes display. The May software update for Huawei Watch GT 3 is rolling out globally.

Update (Dec 31): After releasing a major update to the Watch GT 2 smartwatch, Huawei has now turned to the GT 2e model. At the end of this year, the GT 2e users have finally received third-party app support. It was first launched in China as a Beta version, and now more users in other countries can use it. With the firmware, users can download third-party apps like AutoNavi from AppGallery. Apart from it, the smartwatch gets sunrise & sunset modes for outdoor activities. Further, to secure your data you can set your PIN to the lock screen. There are some new workout and health features that have been added to Health app.

It has also improved the Cycle Calendar feature and added support to the Always-on Display during workouts. Finally, it has improved system performance and stability to get a better experience. The firmware version is now available to download in all the major countries.

Update (Dec 23): In the new month, Huawei has launched major features for Watch GT 2 watch variants. It gets a PIN lock function to secure the device and new exercise modes to perform daily activities. It has also added a new health feature for the smartwatch and installed Petal Maps. The new firmware further improves many existing features and fixes minor bugs. You can identify the new version as for the 46mm variant, and firmware version for the 42mm variant. This major update has been released in all the major countries, though it will take to reach you.

Update (Dec 02): The first firmware update is now heading to the Watch GT Runner smartwatch. Huawei has launched this smartwatch for fitness enthusiastic users with professional sports features. With the firmware, users will see improvements to the existing functions with better optimizations. The Watch GT Runner with HarmonyOS software receives a update. It is currently available in the home country, and the global model will get in the near future. The smartwatch also goes on sale in most European countries.

Update (Nov 25): The new Huawei Watch GT 3 smartwatch is witnessing its first firmware update in major countries. It is a HarmonyOS software version and brings a heavy installation package size of 280MB. It includes the ability to reply with custom SMS, so you can add them as per your daily requirements. Further, it brings a pack of app icons, and healthy living features to stay in a good mood. Finally, it has an optimized Watch GT 3 with more stability and security. As per a report, the firmware has been spotted in major markets, and soon reach you.

Update (Nov 19): In the latest beta update, Huawei has introduced third-party app support for the Watch GT 2 smartwatch. After, the Watch GT 2 Pro, GT 3 & Huawei Watch 3 series, it is another wearable to get new app support. The developers can now build quality apps for the watch, and users can download them from the Huawei Health app. The firmware is in beta and released in China. After hitting the stable mode, the update will release in other regions.

Update (Oct 17): Huawei has released a major software update for its newest HarmonyOS-powered Huawei Watch 3 & Watch 3 Pro smartwatches. It brings a quick SMS reply, hand wash detection, paid watch faces trial for five minutes, and a Petal Maps app for the watches. It also optimizes other existing apps for a better user experience. You can install the new firmware version for the Watch 3 series in Europe & China.

Update (Oct 9): The latest Huawei smart tracker, Watch Fit NEW has received its first firmware version in the home country. According to the changelog mentioned on the Huawei Community page, it gets skipping rope mode. In this mode, users will get a number of skipping ropes, consecutive jumps, heart rate & burned calories. It further claimed to fix minor issues to enhance the performance of Watch Fit NEW. The new version upgraded from has been assigned to the new activity tracker.

Previous Update: The Huawei Watch GT 2 is receiving one of the major firmware updates of this year. The company has rolled out a fresh software update for the GT series smartwatch, and you can identify it by the firmware number The latest version brings advanced lock screen function and enhancement to the female cycle feature. In the outdoor mode, users can now keep the always-on display on, so they don’t have to wake up the screen every time.

New Huawei Watch Update

In the lock screen function, it has added a new PIN lock option that needs to be unlocked whenever you start the watch. It gives extra security to the Huawei Watch GT 2 smartwatch. In the outdoor activities, sunrise and sunset modes have been added. It is early to tell how they work in daily workouts. Huawei further allows sharing third-party data & connections with Huawei phones and other medical-related equipment. The changelog also mentions improved menstrual cycle function on the smartwatch.

The new update is not available for everyone. It is a beta update and is only available in China for reserved seats. In the beta, Huawei has allowed 1800 members, and it might open for more people in near future.

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