Expert RAW app for Older Galaxy Phones will Take More Time

The Expert RAW app was announced last year, and later this February, it launched for Galaxy S22 series. Later, Samsung brought it to Galaxy S21 Ultra & Galaxy Fold 3 smartphones. As per the official announcement, now only Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra & Fold 2 devices are left behind. The company has promised to release the Expert RAW app for these remaining devices before the first half of this year. Now the curious users are asking about the release date and Samsung has finally answered it.

According to the Camera in Charge at the Samsung community, the Expert RAW app for Galaxy S20, Note 20 & Fold 2 will take some more time. He further said, there may be one month delay in the release of the Expert RAW app for these older models.

The Camera in Charge doesn’t explain why there is a delay but says the app may release within a month. The app will be distributed with the next firmware update, which could be Samsung’s July update.

Expert RAW App Release

After Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy S21 Ultra, only Galaxy Z Fold 3 received app support last May. Sadly, the app doesn’t support previous foldable phones except Fold 2, and other flagship models excluding Ultra models.

Apart from Samsung’s regular camera updates, the Expert RAW app provides more services to the devices. Users can capture better pictures in any condition with its plenty of features. In the recent app version, Samsung has improved picture quality in low-light areas.