With the launch of Amazfit GTS 3 & Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, Zepp Health introduced an app store to get support from third-party apps. Initially, the company released its own essential and basic apps in the app store. For a long time, it was empty due to a lack of promotion and failed to grab the attention of developers. Now, after a year, the app store for Amazfit GTS 3 & GTR 3 Pro is slowly getting new apps from various developers.

As I checked earlier, there was only the ‘Anniversary’ app in the store, but now, when I checked again, there are a couple of apps. It is too early for the newborn app store to compete with Apple Watch Store, Galaxy Store & Play Store for Wear OS, but we should keep our eyes on it.

In the app store, the new apps are Fishing Intensifier, Space Breaker, Color Switch, Scoreboard, Notify for Maps, Navigation Wear, and the previously launched Anniversary app.

New Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Apps

Let’s look out for some of these apps. The newly appeared Notify for Maps and Navigation Wear apps provide directions on your next journey. Both are basic apps and don’t provide more features. In the list, Color Switch is the only game that landed in the store. You can say it is the first game for GTS 3 & GTR 3 Pro.

The Anniversary app will remind you about your upcoming anniversaries. Basically, it is a reminder app to remind you about your important dates. Zepp Health will soon launch Amazfit GTS 4, GTR 4 & GTR 4 Pro smartwatches, and that could be the time for Amazfit App Store to shine.

By Madhav Biradar

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  1. The title of the news is misleading. This is not a store just for the GTR 3 Pro – any of the 3 series smartwatches can download and install these apps. I know because I have a GTS 3 and have installed and launched these new apps without any problems.

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