Must Use These 12 Best Wear OS Apps

Smartwatches can perform more than just a watch, when they equipped with several useful and productive applications. Android’s Wear OS is a platform that supports watches from various manufacturers, including samsung, Fossil, Misfit, Mobvoi, LG and several others. The new Galaxy Watch 4, Oppo Watch 2, Fossil Gen 5, Misfit Vapor X, Mobvoi Ticwatch E3 are some of them. These watches let you do multiple activities directly from your wrist, and save your efforts to take the smartphone out of pocket every time.

With the overhauled Wear OS smartwatches, there are fascinating opportunities for developers to provide users a plethora of Android smartwatch apps with incredible features.

We know that every smartwatch comes with some pre-installed apps, but you can also download various Android smartwatch apps to enhance the functionality of the watch to a great extent. A paired version of Google Play enables you to discover all the apps.

It enlists all popular apps and a list of apps that are compatible with a smartwatch. These apps can perform several incredible functions like tracking your fitness, show notifications, listen to music, and much more. Let us see the list of must use these 10 best Wear OS apps that let you exploit the full potential of the watch.

1. Audio Recorder

Android Smartwatch Apps

Almost every Wear OS smartwatch comes with a default mic and speaker that enable you to record audio. This app can use for multiple purposes such as taking audio notes, mark a meaningful conversation, and even to set an audio reminder for essential things.

Audio Recorder app also has the companion app for the smartphone and can be useful to save recordings on the phone for further backup. The app is convenient to use as it enables you to listen as well as delete the records from the smartwatch itself.

Download: Audio Recorder

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is the best and essential navigation app available on the Android platform that enables you to navigate to the desired destination. The app very useful, and you can use it as a standalone app to search nearby places like hotels, shops, malls, restaurants, and other important landmarks directly from your wrist.

It is interesting that once you set a route on your smartphone and start the navigation, the watch will automatically navigate you to the destination. Even if you forgot your phone, the app could guide you from the wrist. It is the must-have Android smartwatch app for your wearable gadget.

Download: Google Maps

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3. NavBooks

If you are interested in Audiobooks, then the app provides you the incredible platform to play your offline audiobooks right from your Wear OS Watch. To ensure a clear sound quality, you can connect your smartwatch with Bluetooth headphones and enjoy Audiobooks with much comfort. The NavBooks offers excellent features like you can adjust playback speed, add a bookmark to the audiobook, and set a sleep timer.

To watch the files on a smartphone with a companion app, you sync the data across the devices, which enhances your access. It is a paid app, and you have to pay $0.99 to purchase it from Play Store.

Download: NavBooks

4. Calculator

It is convenient to perform simple calculations through your wrist, but there is no default application for the Wear OS smartwatch. Interestingly you can sideload the Google calculator app.

It comes with basic features such as addition and subtractions, as well as some advanced features log, pi, trigonometric functions, and factorials. Calculator app increases your convenience and enhances your accuracy and saves your efforts to take the smartphone out of pocket every time to perform calculations.

Download: Calculator

5. Facer

Facer Smartwatch App

Facer app is the platform that offers a vast collection of watch faces with excellent features for every Android watch. Here you can find watch faces from brands like Star Trek, Tetris, and various others for your smartwatch. Not only you can discover watch faces, but also you can create your customized watch face and share on the app.

The app features thousands of original designs created by creative watchmakers and that ensure your access to innovative designs. It also reduces your burden of buying a particular watch face and offers an extensive collection at a single platform.

Download: Facer

6. Keep Notes

This app offers you an excellent platform to record notes either through voice, typing, or drawing, and it also has the authenticity of Google. Keep Notes let you note the important point or things with much comfort. As you can take handy notes, add lists and reminders directly from your wrist.

You can sync these notes across devices and get easy access with them through your phone and review them whenever you want. The notes recorded on the Android smartwatch with voice, typing or drawing can easily access from smartphones and vice versa.

Get: Keep Notes

7. Strava

Wear OS Apps

Strava is a comprehensive app with various excellent features to track multiple activities, whether it be running or cycling. The app works as a unified platform to track several activities such as calories burned, distance, speed, elevation, and many others.

Not only you can track activities but also record your routes and share it with others for further guidance. It is the perfect app, along with comprehensive tracking features. It offers the chance to join the clubs and involve in community activities, and it is available free of cost on Play Store.

Download: Strava

8. Uber

The app is designed to make it convenient for you to search for a taxi or share a ride and save your precious time. Now with the app right on your wrist, it’s straightforward and comfortable to find a ride for your desired destination without getting late.

If you have Android Wear OS 2.0 smartwatch, then the app works as the standalone app and saves effort to take the phone out of pocket. You have to do is install the app on your smartwatch and open it to find your next ride easily.

Download: Uber

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9. Seven – 7 Minutes Workout

Seven is a free app that guides you to perform exercise whenever you get time from your busy schedule. The app offers, which offers an exercise that lasts for only seven minutes, and you can easily get seven minutes to spend with the app.

It offers perfect workout plans with detailed instructions that are useful to lose weight. You can also choose the exercises among power cardio, freestyle, and full body.

download: Seven

10. Unified Remote

Unified Armour

Have you ever imagined of having control over various apps from your computer just through your Android watch? Yes, this app gives you control over several apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and many others.

This quick control app enables you to have control over various computer apps as well as turn your computer off and use the watch screen as a trackpad. The app works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and usable for control presentation apps, including Google Presentation and Powerpoint. You have to pay 3.99 to get access to this fantastic app on your wrist.

Download: Unified Remote

11. Google Camera

The Google Camera is one of the praised camera from the users with their own experiences. Google has limited this app for very few flagship and high-end mid-range smartphones like Google Pixel series & Galaxy S series. If you are using high-end smartphone, then you can use Google Camera on your Wear OS watch. It supports Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3, TicWatch E3, Fossil Gen 5, Oppo Watch & the new Galaxy Watch 4 wearables. With the app, you can take pictures, group selfies, set timer and start video recording. You can read our other article to know how to use Google Camera on Wear OS.

Download: Google Camera

12. Microsoft outlook

The Apple Watch & Galaxy Watch are not only wearables that support Microsft Outlook app. You can download this email managing app on your Wear OS powered devices. The famous Outlook app allows you to organize all the emails at one place and read & reply to them. it is easy to edit to the message, make archieves, categorize them, make favorite, block and delete them right from the watch itself. It is companion app and you will need to download official Microsoft Outlook app on your paired device. On the smartwatch, some features are missing compared to Windows 10, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Download: Outlook

These are the ten best Android smartwatch apps for your Wear OS smartwatches, and these apps let you do several activities through your wrist. Most of the apps are a free and handy tool to make your watch more than just an observation and exploit full benefit.

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