PowerPoint Presentation on Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2

PPT Controller is the app in Galaxy Store that helps you to handle presentations from your smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 have come far ahead in the technology that we can do many more things than we imagine. In the previous article, I have covered how to control a smartphone camera from your wrist. Also, I have included how to get social media messages on your tiny smartwatch. Now in this article, I will tell you how to control PowerPoint presentations, which will be helpful for corporate users & students.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used service on Windows laptops to show the presentations. It used in the companies, in the corporate world & colleges, as well as schools for various purposes. Now you will think then what is the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch here. Well, it minimizes the need for remote to change the slides. The app has created by Samsung for such users. It is essential for those users who are going to give a presentation in the company, schools, colleges & any event, then follow this guide.

Control MS PowerPoint from Galaxy Watch Active 2

1. Download PPT Controller app from Galaxy Store

2. Open the app on smartwatch

3. Tap on Connect to pair with your computer

PPT Controller Galaxy Watch

4. On computer go to Bluetooth devices & search your smartwatch

PPT controller Galaxy Watch

5. Select your Galaxy Watch & exchange passkey

6. Finally, complete all the necessary steps

7. Now, press the slideshow & control the slides

PPT Controller Galaxy Watch

8. You can move to the next slide & the previous slide

PPT Controller Galaxy Watch

You can also use the bezel to control the slides. The smartwatch also shows how many slides are remaining, and the duration of the presentation. With the PPT Controller, you can set the time to end the slides & to set the interval. It is the basic app but useful in many ways for some users. To download PPT Controller go to Galaxy Store on your smartphone or smartwatch.