Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Receives New Features in Update

After launching Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in the global market, the company has dispatched the first update for the fitness tracker. Xiaomi Band 7 or Mi Band 7 has received some new features and changes in the first software version. You can identify the latest firmware with the version. It is not for global users, but the smart band version in China. The users outside China may notice the update when they receive their band.

The headlight of the changelog is its vibration intensity feature. With this new addition, users can finally change vibration intensity as low or high as per their requirements. In the previous bands, users have to change the vibration settings from the Mi Fit app, and now they can do it using a smart band.

Like premium smartwatches, the Xiaomi band will also remind you about your health goal. It is a good reminder to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. The bug fixes and enhancement have come to alarm and brightness issues.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Update

The watch faces section on the smart band has improved to do lot more things. Users can tap on any complication to see the relevant screen. For example, if users tap on the sleep icon on the watch face, then the detail page of the sleep score will appear.

Xiaomi mentions fixing the random restart problem has fixed and optimized system fluency. As said earlier, the update is for the Chinese variant. If you have bought Mi Band 7 from China, then you can install the latest update.