Fitbit Launches Snore & Noise Detection in Sleep Tracking

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Fitbit is working on a couple of new functions in sleep tracking. As per the decoded APK file of the official Fitbit App, the company is preparing to launch snore detection, noise detection, and Your Sleep Animal features. These new features will help users to get better sleep and know after sleep movement. In the recent, Fitbit has launched many new features to the app, and blood oxygen variation is one of them. The SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation is now common on every smartwatches and fitness trackers, though snore & noise tracking is new to the industry.

To detect the snoring in your sleeping habit, the watch will use a microphone and begin listening to the ambient noise in your room. It will activate the microphone when you enable the function. A drawback here is, the watch will not differentiate who is snoring in the room. If your partner is snoring and you are not, then the Fitbit Watch will catch his/her snoring noise and show you the results. It will also capture sound intensity in the room and categorizes it in high to low. If the noise in your room is much higher, then the snoring function will not work properly.

Snore detection Fitbit

Finally, another function called Your Sleep Animal will compare sleep with different animals. The features contain Restless sleeper, Segmented sleeper, Shallow sleeper, Short sleeper, and Solid sleeper. According to the 9To5Google, Fitbit or Google has updated the Fitbit app in the Play Store. It will take time to reach the users in every country, or possibly it may not come to some countries. To use all these new features, you have to update Fitbit App to the 3.42 app version. The iOS users will also receive the app update very soon.