Zepp OS Update will not Come to Older Amazfit Watches

With the third-gen Amazfit GT series, Huami Or Zepp launched new Zepp OS platform. It is enhanced & polished software for Amazfit watches. Initially, it will run of Amazfit GTR 3, GTS 3 & GTR 3 Pro watches, and later, it will be installed on upcoming devices. The Amazfit trio models are now on purchase in first wave countries with positive reviews about the new software. Now, after release of the new OS update, the existing users are curious about getting Zepp OS on their current watches, specifically Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2 models.

Looks like the answer is not in the favor of users as official support team has answered it. As per the Amazfit representative called Tiffany, the older Amazfit smartwatches including Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2 will not receive Zepp OS update. Various users have asked same question from their origin country and received the same answer. The answer is applied to Amazfit GTR 2 & GTS 2 series, GTR & GTS series, T-Rex, T-Rex Pro, Amazfit Stratos lineup, Amazfit Bip lineup & Zepp Health series devices. To be clear, not a single device will receive the Zepp OS.

Zepp OS on Old Amazfit Watches

Further, the Amazfit rep says the main reason to not release next major software on previous model is lack of memory and the slow processor. She confirms all the current models are not suitable to handle heavy code of Zepp OS that could result in slow performance or unwanted crashes. The official Amazfit member on Weibo account China has given same answer few days ago. If you have bought new Amazfit GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro & GTS 3, then you can taste the new software before anyone else.

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