Google Updates Pixel Watch with Fall Detection

In today’s major update, Google has brought a Fall Detection function for Pixel Watch. Since the launch, there was not a single word about the function, and suddenly the company launched it. With the new Fall Detection, Pixel Watch has now become one of the few watches in the market which offers it. Only Samsung Galaxy Watches and Apple Watches have this functionality, and now Pixel Watch is on the list.

Users can now use it if they get themselves in trouble in their outdoor activities. With this tool, Google has improved its technology to make sure users can call their emergency number if possible. Of course, they can send a message but can make calls if possible.

Apple users were demanding emergency calling features, but they can only send messages to closed ones. Galaxy Watch has had both of these options since the first day of launch. On Pixel Watch, if users have hard fall and not answering for 30 seconds, then they can dismiss the notification with “I’m OK”, or “I Fell & I need help.”

Pixel Watch Fall Detection

You can turn on the function in the Updates section of the Watch companion app. You can also turn it off in the same way at any time. Users can add contact numbers from the same app, and also remove them to update with a new number.

The new firmware is available for all Pixel Watch users in major countries. If you are unable to see a new update, then open the paired app, and check for pending updates.