Beta Version 25.76 Loads on Fenix 6 Series

Fenix 6 Alpha 25.76 Update

Garmin has released a new software update for its previous Fenix 6 series smartwatches. The new 25.76 Beta version has been released for watches with some new changes. Obstacle Racing activity is the only activity that has been implemented in the new firmware. It has also been updated to Altitude acclimation, inReach, and Golf activities.

There are also improvements to loads of activities and other improvements for other algorithms. It improves algorithms for calorie counting in swim activities and enhances voice prompts played during activities.

Fenix 6 Alpha 25.76 Update

It has also fixed many UI issues, low battery levels don’t switch to power saving mode, issues editing alarms, watch faces, and other minor issues. The new version is available for all the Fenix series smartwatches.