Samsung Wallet Now Available in India

Samsung’s switch from Samsung Pay to Samsung Wallet is now taking place in India. Earlier, Samsung rolled out this transition for the US and European countries in June 2022. After that, the company announced its expansion to other countries. According to the plan, the South Korean tech giant is ready to expand this service to some countries which include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan by the end of this month.

In October 2022, Samsung announced the expansion of Samsung Wallet to new countries, and presently the service is available in 21 nations. Now it is officially available for the Indian market. The Samsung Wallet is the integration of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. It empowers the users to make payments conveniently through tap and pay via NFC as well as store card details like credit cards and debit cards.

Samsung Wallet in India

The new Wallet app ensures safe and convenient transactions for Indian customers. Specifically, Indian users rely on UPI for transactions and it is now brought under the ambit of Samsung Wallet in addition to NFC payment. However, the most prevalent RuPay cards in India are yet to be included in the support of this Wallet. And this support will take place very soon to extend the services in India.

To get this new service enabled, Galaxy device users in India have to upgrade to Samsung Wallet through Galaxy Store. The Samsung Wallet app provides a promising method to make payments safely and securely. Samsung Galaxy users in the country will get one more option to the prevalent Google Pay and PhonePe apps for contactless payments.