How to Use Google Pay on Oppo Watch & Watch 2

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Oppo Watch has set new boundaries in the Wear OS platform by increasing its performance. Without any doubt, by far it is the best smartwatch running on Wear OS by Google. Fossil, Mobvoi, Puma, Xiaomi, and many other players are trying their best, but Oppo has done it in the first attempt. Now the new Oppo Watch 2 is even smarter than the predecessor. It has combined top-notch hardware with Android OS to get most of the results. The best part of being on Wear OS is users can use the best apps, games & watch faces from the Google Play Store. One such app or function is Google Pay. It is by default app on Oppo Watch & Oppo Watch 2 and customers can use it to pay their daily expenses or shopping bills via wireless mode. You can use Google Pay to buy a coffee or to get a service, there are many benefits of Google Pay.

All the smartwatches or smart bands these days offer an online payment system. Samsung has Samsung Pay, Apple has Apple Pay, Garmin & Fitbit has Garmin Pay & Fitbit Pay, respectively. Even the fitness trackers these days are offering contactless payment systems to pay the bills. The Xiaomi also allows users of Mi Band 3, Band 4 & Band 5 with NFC to make payments at shopping malls, subways, bus transport, and many other places. You may have used Google Pay on smartphones, but now in this guiding article, I will cover how to use Google Pay on Oppo Watch & Oppo Watch 2. If your country supports Google Pay then you can use these methods.

Google Pay on Oppo Watch 2

Google Pay on Oppo Watch

1. Download Google Pay from Play Store

In the selected countries, you can download Google Pay from the Google Play Store of your smartwatch. Install the app to get started.

2. Open Google Pay & Tap on Get Started

Once you install the app on your Oppo Watch or Oppo Watch 2, open it. you will see the installed apps in the list. If you are not seeing the app on the watch, then your country doesn’t support it.

3. Set a PIN

To secure your app, you have to give a screen lock so unknown people won’t use it. Give it the PIN and set it. It is the same as your phone version.

4. Now go to paired smartphone & open google Pay

In this step, you have to open the phone version of the app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then get it from Play Store.

5. Follow the steps to Add Credit or Debit Cards

On the paired smartphone you have to follow some instructions to add a new credit card or debit cards to the account. Fill all the necessary information that require to attach with the Pay.

How to Pay Using Google Pay

1. While paying, Open Google Pay

After the successful installation of the app and adding credit & debit cards, now you are ready to make transactions. Open the app while paying at the mall, subways, or transport stations.

2. Choose Credit card

In some cases, at the point of payment, some merchants will ask you for the card type. In such a case choose Credit.

3. Put the watch over a card reader

When you make a final transaction put your watch over the contactless payment reader. After a successful transaction, the watch will vibrate or make a sound.

4. Debit card users need to enter a PIN

Credit card users don’t need to enter password or PIN but debit card users need to authorize the PIN. Enter the PIN that you have set while opening the account.

These are the simple steps to use Google Pay on Oppo Watch & Oppo Watch 2. The first card you submitted to the app will become the default one. You can add more than one card to the app and also you can change the default card. There is also an option to manage the cards or remove the credit or debit cards.

As I have checked on the Google website, PayPal doesn’t support on the watches. The support for PayPal may come in the future, but it doesn’t stop you from using it. Note that, the Google Pay for Oppo Watch is not supported in India. You can check your country list on the Google website or Oppo website.