Control your Car with Galaxy Watch 4 (Best Apps)

It was BMW that had launched its official app for Samsung smartwatches. The BMW Connected was the best app on Gear S3 & Gear Sport to control the car. Later, due to unknown reasons, the company removed the app from the Galaxy Store. Now, from Gear S2 to the latest Galaxy Watch 4, many things have changed. At this time, Samsung had gained major shares in the wearable market and adopted the Wear OS platform. Today we can see all the major car companies have their official apps in the Play Store.

The famous companies Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, MG & Honda all have listed apps in the store. By using the apps on Galaxy Watch 4, it becomes easy to control the car remotely. With the app, you can lock, unlock, honk or flash the lights and check vehicle status. You can also track live location, share the location, find the car and send the destination route. The car controlling app will also guide you to store your documents, call emergency numbers, give roadside assistance, and more services. Let’s look at these best car controlling apps on Galaxy Watch 4.

1. MG iSmart

Control Car with Galaxy Watch 4The official app for Morris Garage offers plenty of useful features. It let you use your wristwatch to unlock the doors to switch off your AC. The companion app is available on the smartphone, and you can pair the app with the infotainment system in the car. It let you find the car, share location, check tire pressure, turn on/off AC, control side mirrors, lock or unlock doors, open or close the sunroof, and get important alerts. Not all the MG cars have the support, but Astor and other premium cars support it.

Download: MG iSmart

2. Kia Connect

Control Car with Galaxy Watch 4The Kia Connect is developed to control your supported Kia cars from the Wear OS smartwatch. You may not aware yet, but if you are using a Samsung phone, then you can also use the Digital Car key to manage Kia cars. In the recent update, the Digital Car key supports Kia Niro in South Korea. About the Wear OS version, it let you use over 66 features. Users can start the engine, control AC, doors, mirrors, track car location, share location, find destination route, and find the car.

Download: Kia Connect

3. Honda Connect

It is the newest app for Galaxy Watch 4. There is an app for smartphones for a long time now, and now it supports Wear OS watches. At the launch event of the Honda City Hybrid, the company announced the Honda Connect app for Galaxy Watch 4. How do I know? Well, I have watched the official trailer and Honda has explained all its features. It will help you to control your car with plenty of functions. It will take time for the watch app to reach everyone. Make sure to check for the new Honda app in Play Store.

Download: Honda Connect

4. Nissan Connect

Control Car with Galaxy Watch 4With its wide range of cars, Nissan is a popular car company in many countries. For the users, it has already launched the Nissan Connect app for Apple & Android smartphones. Along with Apple Watch, Wear OS has the official app for Watch 4 users. Compared to other car control apps, Nissan offers very few services. It will not let you start the engine or open the sunroof. Instead, you can see all the information about the car. It will show you door status, headlight status, car location, find my car, etc.

Download: Nissan Connect

Users should register to the car via the infotainment system. Also, you have to log in to an app on your smartphone. The Honda Connect for Galaxy Watch 4 will take some time to come to all users.

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