Samsung Galaxy Fold Ready to Release

As the various issues related to the screen of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold has fixed, the device is ready to hit the market soon. Samsung Display executive says the company has solved all the problems that occurred at the time of testing the device. Also, Samsung Display Vice President confirmed this news at the recent speech in a conference in Seoul on 18th June. The device faced the issues of breaking the screen while it offered to the reviewers.

The screen issue compelled the company to postpone the launch of Galaxy Fold, which was scheduled to launch in April. After the delayed start and cancellation of all pre-orders of the device, there are several rumors regarding the launching date. After the postponement, it rumored that the company would launch the device in July, but the company denied it and said that it would release the launching schedule in a few weeks.

Galaxy Fold

There is no official schedule for the release of Galaxy Fold has announced. The recent statement by the company officials indicates that it’s going to hit the market soon. The issue of flickering screen and crease in the middle of the screen has fixed. It is positive news for Samsung and its customers. According to the official, the Galaxy Fold will attract a lot of attention when released.

There is a possibility that the device will enter the market before the launch of Samsung’s other flagship device, Galaxy Note 10. We can expect the sooner launching of the improved Galaxy Fold.