Realme Watch 3 Pro with Calling will Launch Soon In India

It is a trend to launch a smartwatch with a regular variant and a special Pro variant with additional features. This year, we have received many Pro variants from many companies. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, upcoming Apple Watch Pro, and Xiaomi Band 7 Pro are a few of them. Now, Realme is going to launch the Realme watch 3 Pro with some premium features. It will continue the success of the Watch 2 Pro rather than Watch 2 device.

A few weeks ago, Realme launched its third-gen Watch 3 with some new features. If you compare it with the previous model, then yes, there are some new features, but not competitive with the other smart bands like Boat Storm Pro and Noise Colorfit Pro 4.

Regarding the upcoming watch, Realme has posted a teaser poster on the official website. The shared image reveals the Pro model will have a more premium metal body. It will make the watch more flagship than the normal smartwatch.

Realme Watch 3 Pro Images

The metal body will increase the price of the smartwatch, but it will attract more users. Further, the Watch 3 Pro will have a Bluetooth Calling function. In India, the craze for Bluetooth calling is very high, and Realme wants to catch the trend. The calling features show there will be a microphone and speaker on the wearable.

Realme still has to unveil many features for the next Pro model. In the next few days, the company might post some more features. It will first announce in India, and later it will also come to other countries.