Best Apps to Use with Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro

We have to admit the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro are the most advanced, stunning, and affordable smart bands. With these new fitness trackers, Xiaomi has again proved why it is number one in the smart band game. Over the Mi Smart Band 6, Mi Band 7 series has lots of benefits. With the launch of Band 7 Pro, the company has introduced many features like GPS function and NFC contactless payment system.

The little brother is now available in most European countries. Very soon, both fitness trackers will be launched in the US, India, and other parts in the coming weeks. The person who has recently purchased or thinking to buy new bands will surely ask one question. What are the resources I can use with new trackers? I will answer all the questions in our new guide series. In starting, here are the best apps to use with Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro.

Best Xiaomi Mi Band 7 series apps

1. Zepp Life

Best Mi Band 7 Pro Apps

It is the first app in your Mi Band journey. You will require the Zepp Life app to pair with your smartphone and use it. Once you pair your smart band with the app, then you can open lots of possibilities. You can track your daily activities, change essential settings, add or remove menus, update the software, and share your goals with friends. Previously, it was named as Mi Fit app, but now it has changed to Zepp Life.

Get: Zepp Life

2. Mi Band 7 Watch Faces

Best Mi Band 7 Pro Apps

Believe me, the Mi Band 7 series has the best collection of watch faces in wearables. To make it even better, some developers have developed a special app for the watch face section. With the supported app, you can get plenty of new and fresh dials for the band. You can choose any dials from famous categories like entertainment, science, information, digital, custom, and more. Not all faces are free. For some premium dials, you have to pay the price.

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3. Notify for Mi Band (Removed support)

Best Mi Band 7 Pro Apps

It is always on top when it comes to supporting Mi Bands. Over the years, the developers behind Notify for Mi Band have worked hard to build the services. If you can’t do one thing in your tracker, then the solution will be in the Notify app. You can customize the services, add more features, unlock unsupported functions, and get premium features. You should definitely go for Notify for Mi Band to get a better experience.

Get: Notify for Mi Band

These are the top apps to use with your new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 & Band 7 Pro fitness trackers. All apps are not available for iOS devices but work with Android smartphones.