One UI 5.0 Design Leaked with New Features & Changes

One UI 5.0 Beta News

We have the first images of the upcoming Android 13 One UI 5.0 software version. It has been taken from the beta testing software, which has recently started for internal employees. Courtesy of 9to5Google, we can now see a clear difference, key features, and other changes that will come in the next update. The publication has revealed what changes Samsung is bringing in its next software, and also its comparison with the current version.

The first change has come to the notification panel, which has changed in design, bigger icons, and background opacity. It is an unfinished design and there may be a slight difference in the final version, says the publication.

The permission pop-up menu has changed its place to the middle area from the previous lower area. It may not make any difference, but users will see permission more clearly. In the About phone section, users can now see the image of a particular device.

It has added a new OCR function which is helpful for many users. The OCR or Optical Character Recognition will identify characters from the images, so you could copy and paste them. It supports both Gallery and Samsung Keyboard to help users to copy images and send them as a message or email.

In the Lab section, it has added a swipe for split-screen and a swipe for pop-up view. It has also improved the design of the privacy and security hub. Finally, it has enhanced the speed and smoothness of animation in the One UI 5.0 version. As per the report, Samsung will open a beta program this month.