Galaxy S22 Camera Features Are Coming to other Galaxy Devices

Galaxy S22 camera has many features to get most from the photography. With the excellent 108MP camera, anyone can produce better quality pictures, thanks to its wide features. Samsung always introduces new features to its latest devices, and Galaxy S22 is one of them. Now, those exclusive features are coming to other Galaxy devices. Starting today, Samsung will release Galaxy S22 camera features to older models. Now it is rolling out for Galaxy S21 series, and later sequentially, the update will available for other devices.

Samsung has mentioned not all features will come to all models. The latest flagship models will receive all the features, but the older ones will miss some of those. Samsung has also promised to bring a supported function (Only one function) to Galaxy S10, Note 10, S10 Lite, Note 10 Lite, and Z Fold in the second half. Here is the list of all the camera features which are coming to supported devices.

  • Improved Night portraits – Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, Z Fold 2 & Fold 3
  • Improved/supported auto framing function – Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 FE, Z Fold 2, Fold 3, Z Flip & Flip 3
  • Improving the video call effect – Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20, S20 FE. S21 FE, Z Flip, Filp 3, Fold 2, Fold 3. Further, Galaxy S10, Note 10, Z Fold, S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite are scheduled for the second half of 2022.
  • Support for auto framing effects – Galaxy S21, S21 FE, Z Flip, Flip 3, Fold 2 & Fold 3
  • Improved App Store Camera app quality – Galaxy S21, S21 FE, Z Flip 3 & Fold 3
Galaxy S21 Camera Update

Further, the company has improved Pro Mode Zoom to support telephoto lenses on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Expert RAW app has also ready for Galaxy Z Fold 3, and it will release in the current month. The latest firmware for Galaxy S21 series is now released in South Korea with all the mentioned features (Refer to the above image). The remaining Galaxy devices will soon get the update.