Apple Watch Series 9 to Bring Glucose Monitoring Function

Samsung and Apple both are now in a race for their next flagship smartwatches. After the success of the Apple Watch Ultra & Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, both are working on the next big thing. Where Samsung is trying to bring a MicroLED display and built-in projector, Apple is said to be planning for a glucose monitoring function. According to the report, Apple has successfully tested glucose tracking in the body with the new technology.

However, Apple has successfully tested it, it can’t bring it very soon. The report from Bloomberg mentions, the device used for this testing is as large as a smartphone, which is not possible at this moment to make way for watches.

Apple needs some more days to make it possible for wearable devices. To measure it on Apple Watch, the company will use optical absorption spectroscopy, a measurement to track glucose levels without the need for a blood sample.

Apple Watch Glucose Monitoring

The company stated to the source, it is a breakthrough for us and a milestone for the next Apple Watch. Further, the spokesperson mentions it is a game changer and will help all the watch users. We could see this health function on the next Apple Watch Series 9, which is said to be planned for next September.

As per rumors, we might not see Apple Watch Ultra this year as it is scheduled for next year with a big display that may cross a 2-inch screen. Samsung is also testing blood glucose level function for the next Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Pro.