Best Fitness apps for Apple Watch Series 8 & Watch Ultra

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Apple watches are always a preferred companion for smartwatch lovers. Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are the latest and even more powerful editions. These watches offer impressive features as well as ensure enhanced convenience. These smartwatches outperform their in all aspects over their rivals and hence have an enthusiastic fan base. The Ultra model surely has some advantages over Series 8, though both are innovative and forward-looking in their specs.

Among the powerful features of these devices, the most interesting and useful aspect is health and fitness tracking. Both the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra feature incredible fitness trackers like Blood Oxygen, ECG, fall detection, and many more. Here we will see a few useful and important health and fitness apps that may empower users to utilize the potential of these devices.

1. Oceanic+

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

It is manifested from the name of the app that it is useful for underwater activities. The Oceanic+ app has critical features that empower you to plan your scuba dive and snorkeling according to surface and water conditions. It has several tools to track your activities, that includes a built-in variometer, and personal dive stats, you can calculate your dive, depth, and duration. Further, there are several tools like a pre-dive location planner, real-time underwater information, and a post-dive logbook.

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2. Cronometer

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

This is a calorie counter app but not limited to that, it has powerful features that help you to track your diet and exercise habits. The app provides you a detailed insight into your food intake and explains the calories, and micro and macronutrients you are consuming. Further, the app empowers you to set your fitness goals and track your progress over time. That includes muscle building, weight loss, and overall health aspects. You can track all these activities through your wrist.

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3. Nike Run Club

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

For enthusiastic runners, this app provides a detailed guide for starting and pursuing the practice. It comes with powerful features that help you to plan your runs and provide training. Further, it has features like a pace tracker, GPS distance tracker, and running logs. Nike Run Club provides expert guidance for beginners as well as professionals. Guided runs from the coaches empower you to stick to your goals. With this app, you can track your running stats and analyze your performance.

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4. Streaks

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Streaks is a customized habit tracker that enables you to track your habits and analyze your progress. Here you can plan your tasks and get an automatic reminder when you need to complete the task. Further, you can create a timed task as well as a negative task to break a particular habit that you don’t want to pursue anymore. The app features an impressive task icon and also helps you in completing and repeating special tasks. With the use of this innovative app, you can build your habits and achieve your targets in a planned way.

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5. Calm

Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps

The calm app is the best option to ensure your peace of mind as it comes with extensive mediation techniques. The app guides meditation, sleep, breathwork, stretching exercises, exclusive music, and relaxation. Here you can holistically approach your health to enhance your peace of mind through the advanced features.

Here you will get expert guidance for several important health aspects like mindfulness, deep sleep, anxiety, focus and concentration, and stress management. The app also provides 7 and 21 days of mindfulness programs for beginners as well as advanced users.

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