Latest 6.04 Beta Update Brings New Features to Forerunner 945 LTE

Garmin has issued a new beta software update for Forerunner 945 LTE smartwatch. The Latest 6.04 beta version brings plenty of new features to the smartwatch with other fixes. It is massive firmware that counts in many new functions, fixes, and improvements. The first notable feature is the Real-Time Stamina tool that helps users to measure pace during running or cycling.

Further, it added a Sleep insight feature, which tracks your sleep quality, score, and duration. Moving ahead, you will notice auto workout detection has been provided for the run/walk exercises. It could have been provided since launching, though it is most welcomed here. The Forerunner 945 LTE gets cross-country ski power zone editing support and idle time to activity summary has been added.

Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE Update

The list is too long to mention in the paragraph. You can read the entire list of changelogs below.

 Added Real-Time Stamina feature
 Added Sleep Insights feature
 Added Run/Walk Detection feature
 Added Cross Country Ski power zone editing support
 Added coordinates to the navigation menu
 Added Control widget page and bike lights camera settings to support RCT715
 Added ‘Idle Time:’ to the activity summary
 Added message when VO2 Max value is stale
 Added prompt to pause media during Wi-Fi sync
 Added UpAhead Navigation Data Field Menu Item
 Improved Daily Suggested Workout phrases
 Updated Heartrate & Power Settings
 Disabled ability to connect to headphones while in airplane mode
 Removed support for WiFi access points that use WEP security
 Changed primary volume name to ‘Internal Storage’ when a device is connected to a computer
 Added ability to reset sport-specific power zones
 Improvements to media playback reliability
 Fixed issue where the UpAhead data screen was missing labels
 Fixed issue where the activity details page could show interval data without multiple split types
 Removed course-related pages from the timer loop when the course ends
 Fixed issue where empty data fields would appear when changing the data page layout
 Fixed issue where the Intensity Minutes graph was displaying invalid data
 Prevent overwriting FTP user settings after initial setup
 Prevent showing indoor climb difficulty selection after selecting the difficulty scale
 Fixed ordering of HIIT set screen
 Fixed preview of tomorrow’s calendar when there are no more events in the current day
 Fixed crash when climb grading system is not set
 Fixed issue with swim lengths data field displaying incorrect data
 Fixed Auto Distance sub text for Track Run menu option
 Moved muscle diagram to workout preview loop
 Fixed issue where the timer loop would change pages during navigation
 Fixed crash when deleting PacePro plan
 Fixed no LTHR when using running HR zones
 Fixed breathing visualizer workout behavior
 Other minor bug fixes and improvements

It is a beta program, so you have to manually download the update on your Garmin smartwatch. The Forerunner 945 LTE will soon be added to the Beta Programme, then you will be eligible to install it directly on your smartwatch.