Garmin may Soon Launch Blood Glucose Tracking & Aerobic Swim Threshold Features

Garmin may be working on two new essential features for its selected smartwatches. In the latest finding in the source code of Connect IQ app, the tipster has found the company has added blood glucose monitoring and aerobic swim threshold functions. According to the5krunner, Garmin has added the strings or names in the source code of Connect IQ. Both are new features and have never been launched on any Garmin watches so far.

The new findings don’t reveal the launch will happen soon. Garmin may still be working on it and we could see it at end of this year if everything goes as their plan. Below is the source code pulled from the strings.xml file of Connect IQ apk.

<string name=”lbl_milligrams_per_decilitre”>milligrams per decilitre</string>

<string name=”lbl_millimoles_per_litre”>millimoles per litre</string>

<string name=”lbl_swimming_aerobic_threshold”>Swimming Aerobic Threshold</string>

Garmin Blood Glucose Feature

These are not the only features Garmin is working on. In the previous articles, we have covered that the company is also working on Electrocardiogram or ECG & BP functions. Further, it is testing driver drowsiness detection feature which is essential for drivers.

There is no confirmation from the company about any of these features. Some of these functions are in patent, and some have been included in the latest apk for testing. In back, tipsters had found ECG-related images in Garmin Venu 2 Plus watch, so there are chances current devices will get some of these features.

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