The new Galaxy S22 series devices are now going on pre-order in most of the major countries. Samsung offers top-notch features on both hardware and software sides. Along with it, the company gives extra offers with free services and other subscriptions for a limited time. One of the free add-ons with a Galaxy S22 series is its screen protector film. You can avail of it in most of the countries, but not in South Korea, and it has an answer to it. According to the Samsung support team, from Galaxy S22 onward, Samsung will not give any liquid crystal screen protector, nor it will sell it separately.

When users asked for the answer, then the official member said the company is using Armour Aluminium material, and also it used Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ first time on the device. Both these materials make Galaxy S22 extra robust & scratch resistant. And it is the reason Samsung thinks there is no point to provide an extra screen protector. Another reason added by the Samsung member is the company’s focus on environmental issues. Samsung’s new initiative is to protect the environment by reducing waste and building different parts from recycled materials.

Here is the official answer from the team member (Google Translated):

The Galaxy S22 series applied Armor Aluminum, the most durable material used in smartphones for the first time in the S series, and Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® + for the first time in a smartphone Used on both front and back, it was released as the most robust series of Samsung smartphones ever. Therefore, considering the durability of the more powerful smartphone, it is confirmed that from the Galaxy S22 series, the liquid crystal protection film is not attached to the product.

From the S22 model, it operates in a form that is not supplied, such as a protective film to the service center, or sold. If necessary, please understand that the agency plans to operate through the agency in the form of separate sales. Considering the reality that many protective film products are currently in circulation and the amount of waste is also increasing day by day, we decided to make this final decision on the domestic market to not only strengthen environmental protection activities but also prevent unnecessary waste of resources. has been

Currently, Samsung is giving free screen protectors outside South Korea but looks like it might stop in the future. It might also be applicable with upcoming flagship and mid-range devices like the Galaxy Z series and some Galaxy A series models. In South Korea, you will not get a liquid crystal screen protector with Galaxy S22 nor you can purchase it from Samsung stores like Digital Plaza, which is confirmed by some users. Even if Samsung doesn’t provide screen protectors, it can’t stop third-party companies to make it and sell it.

By Prutha Hirve

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