Samsung Cloud Integrated with Microsoft OneDrive

In August, Samsung & Microsoft has announced a strategic partnership to use Microsoft services on Samsung devices. Now, as both have mentioned, today, Samsung is integrating its Cloud services into OneDrive cloud services. Today, users are getting the message on their smartphones regarding the collaboration. Samsung is telling the customers to sync all their data into OneDrive services. Microsoft’s OneDrive app is already available on most of Samsung’s smartphones.

The message mentions transferring all the data to the OneDrive, including videos, photos & files. If the customers have subscribed to Cloud paid storage, then Samsung will automatically cancel their subscription & they will get all the refunds. Also, the users will get a free one-year storage space on Microsoft OneDrive to store their data if they are using Cloud’s paid services.

Samsung Cloud Services

Samsung says, “Cloud’s Gallary Sync, Drive & paid storage purchases have since been bundled with Microsoft OneDrive, the photos & videos from Gallary will automatically store into OneDrive. If you subscribe to Cloud’s paid services, we will automatically cancel your paid storage voucher and refund your last payment.”

Samsung Cloud Services

As most of Samsung’s representative doesn’t know about it, we contacted South Korea’s customer executive, and he confirmed the news. He stresses that the Samsung Cloud will be changed to MS OneDrive. He also clarifies the company will not close the Cloud, but the data will transfer to Microsoft OneDrive.

Once the customers choose to use OneDrive cloud services on their smartphones or other devices, then they can’t change it again to use Cloud on the device. It may be the start of Samsung to close the Cloud service. Customers who don’t want to go with Microsoft OneDrive then can backup their stored data to the local storage. As Samsung mentioned in August, Galaxy Note 10 users are now receiving the notifications, and soon all the other devices receive it.