DaVinci Resolve Now Available to Download for iPad

One more premium app to replace the computer with a tablet has arrived in the App Store. The official DaVinci Resolve app has finally launched in the store for iPad. The company announced long ago the introduction of a tablet version of its software. It is mostly rated video editing and color-correcting software for users. It was exclusive to computers, and now it comes to tablets with Apple iPad Pro.

On the iPad, users can run heavy DaVinci Resolve 18.1 version, which is by far the latest software. As per early reviews from users, the software runs smoothly, and they can edit hours of videos without any issues. For better performance, BlackMagic advice using it on an M1 or M2-powered iPad Pro.

It is compatible with iPadOS 16 or above devices with the A12 Bionic chipset or newer. Older models have been restricted to run the app due to its huge 2GB file with advanced features. The M1 & M2 models exclusively support external display or editing ProRes footage.

DaVinci Resolve iPad Version
Image Source: GSMArena

It has a refined touch interface, but for easy convenience, it supports an external keyboard and mouse. Color correction, cloud collaboration, AI-based magic masks, voice isolation, and music features are available in the iPad version.

It also allows users to import their other projects to the app. DaVinci Resolve is free to use on iPad-like computer software. There is also a premium version that you can unlock for $9.99. BlackMagic has promised to bring the latest updates to enhance its capabilities.