Best Graphics Games for iPad Pro & iPad Air (2022)

Everyone loves to play high graphics games on new iPad devices. Such kinds of titles are very addictive to play and the big screens of iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini 2021 are best to take advantage of it. The main aims of these titles are to check our ability in gameplay. High graphics games & console-quality gameplay means a perfect environment to enjoy such games. We need to complete some specific roles in the gameplay by defeating bad characters in such quality games. We played RPGs, FPS, TPS, TD & racing games either on PlayStation or on Xbox and they are in hundreds are AAA titles there.

They are highly playable and we love to play them. But the main problem with such games is their prices, they are very costly, that’s why many people neglect them from their list. After the rising of iOS and Android devices slowly but steadily best quality games are landing on our smartphones and tablets and we can enjoy our favorite games on our iPad Pro, iPad Air & iPad Mini devices. So why not make a list of Top 10 high graphics games for iPad Pro, iPad Mini & iPad Air devices.

iPad Pro Games

1. OceanHorn

OcearnHorn game launched in 2012, still beats most of the games in App Store with its best graphics, visuals, sounds, storyline & character building. If you are missing the Legend of Zelda game of your Nintendo Switch then OceanHorn is the best replacement for it. It is available for $7.99 but worth every penny. It is the story of a boy who is searching for his father. The journey will show you the most exciting modes and you have to fight some deadly monsters. Use all the powers and go ahead, make a way & search your father.


This game is created by SQUARE ENIX developers and it is the most comparable game with our PlayStation games. The graphics and visual effects in the game make it playable on our iDevices, and on iPad Pro, it looks very better than iPhone. The storyline of the game is like our console game and character representation is amazing.

Developers made it with engaging gameplay and if you like Japanese RPG titles then you may love it. Sound effects and gameplay are awesome and they will engage you till the end of the game. The price for CHAOS RINGS II is much more than other iOS games but if you spend some money then you can get it on your new iPad.

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This is one of the famous game titles in-game history, which is now available in the iOS App Store. The people who played this game know the better value of this game. It is very famous ten years ago but still, it is on the main list of many gamers.

Till there are seven parts of these games available in the App Store and all are worth playing. The graphics are not so good compared to today’s games but its sound effects and gameplay are perfect to engage you. The storyline and character representation are also a good point in-game.

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4. Star Wars: The Old Days of Republic

Best iPad Pro Games

It is also a 90’s decade game and one of the famous titles. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of this game, it lands on the iOS platform. The game still looks like today’s title and its storyline will never bore you. The graphics are one of the better in its era and you can see the same graphics on your new iPad model.

It lands on iOS with its original character set and with all its visual effects. It is an epic battle where you can see galaxies and planets and fight against bad aliens. If you played it on your consoles then you might disappoint due to limited control settings on the tiny screen otherwise it is a must-playable title.

5. Bastion

After the success of Bastion, its developers made available this game on the iOS platform. It is a highly playable title on every iPhone and iPad device. Firstly, it was launched on iPad models but later due to its popularity developers launched it on iPhone devices. The Bastion game looks natural because of its character set which is made by an artist with their own hands.

It is a highly recommendable game on iOS devices. The storyline and gameplay are worth playing for hours and its graphics and visual effects are one of the best on any iOS device. The price of the game is only $5 in the iOS App Store.

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6. Hitman Go

Basically, it is a puzzle game with so many challenging puzzle levels. You have to think hundred times before making any move because there are so many enemies that are hidden to catch you. Sniper rifles, hiding spots, distractions, 47’s iconic silver ballers, etc are offered to you in hitman tools. It comes with different types of enemies with their horrible and deadly behavior so you have to be focused on your target.

You have secret passageways and limitless areas to play your game in your way. Hitman Go is easily available in Apple’s iOS App Store for iPad Pro, iPad Mini & iPad Air, but to download it, you have to pay $0.99.

7. The Room: Old Sins

Best iPad Air Games

The Room: Old Sins is a creative puzzle game containing a haunting atmosphere and a giant doll-house designed in it. The player has to explore the full story of an engineer and his wife, unsettled locations, and the mysterious dollhouse. This game is easy to begin but very hard to get solved. It also has intuitive touch controls and haunting soundtracks so you can feel the surface of almost every object that this puzzle game has.

Players can have it in multiple languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian & Portuguese. The Room: Old Sins come up with a fantastic feature, you can save your progress achieved in the game and pick it up just where you left off via login to any device you want. This is the best game to explore your new Apple tablets.

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8. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat is the best multiplayer action-shooter game of the FPS series ever. It has impressive graphics, sharp controls, and evolved war so the gamer will enjoy this game by all means. It is the best for iPad models, The iPad has a large screen with HD resolutions and this game has high-quality graphics so it is the perfect combination for a player.

You will find powerful guns and many weapons which will help you out to secure yourself and your team from rivals. Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Support, Sapper, Kommander, Recon, and many more play-styles are there for you, you can select your one and go with it. You can earn free gifts and cool prizes as a reward for your achievement in limited-time events. Download the game from iOS App Store for free and pay only for extra add ons in the game shop later.

9. Fortnite: Battle Royale (Removed)

Fortnite is also a multiplayer online video game, it is a platform to play a game with up to 100 players at a time. It gives you a chance to create your own worlds and battle arenas, the same as PUBG Mobile. A giant map and battles, that’s all about the game. Players have to search for resources to save themselves and weapons and other items which can be used in battles.

Gamers have to survive through consistently decreasing safe spaces, the last person who survived is the winner of the game. You can have this game on your iPad by downloading it through the iOS App Store for free of cost. It comes with the best of the best visual effects and fabulous background music. To take full advantage of the new iPad Air, Mini & Pro, play Fortnite game.

10. Monument Valley 2

Best iPad Air Games

You are guiding a mother and her little children to begin their journey and have to guide them in difficult situations also. Their journey is trapped through magical architecture, delightful paths, and a mysterious valley. The visuals of the game are a mixture of architectural styles and artistic movements so no doubt it is awesome.

This game is supported by smartphones also, you can play it on iPhone models as well as iPad devices. Monument Valley 2 is available for $4.99 in the App Store.

This is our top list of best graphics games for iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 11, iPad Mini & iPad Air models and we personally played it on our new iPad. If you know other RPGs which are better to play then tell us and we will list them. The iOS App Store has games like Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends, Pokémon Go, and many other epic titles but instead of them we thought to go with some classic games.