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Everyone loves to play high graphics games on new iPad devices. Such kind of titles are very addictive to play and the big screens of iPad Pro 12.9 (2018), iPad 11 (2018) and iPad Mini are best to take advantage of it. The main aims of these titles are to check our ability in gameplay. High graphics games & console quality gameplay means perfect environment to enjoy such games. We need to complete some specific role in the gameplay by defeating bad characters in such quality games. We played RPGs, FPS, TPS, TD & racing games either on PlayStation or on Xbox and they are in hundreds are AAA titles there.

They are highly playable and we love to play it. But the main problem with such games are their prices, they are very costly, that’s why many people neglect them from their list. After the rising of iOS and Android devices slowly but steadily best quality games are landing on our smartphones and tablets and we can enjoy our favorite games on our iPad Pro, iPad Air & iPad Mini devices. So why not take a list of Top 5 high graphics games for iPad Pro, iPad Mini & iPad Air devices.

iPad Pro Games

1. Infinity Blade III

The Infinity Blade III game created by Chair Entertainment. This is most playable RPG game on iOS devices. Everyone who played this game will recommend you to play it on your iPhone XS, iPhone XR, XS Max or iPhone X and iPad Pro. The IB 3 is third and last part in the original series. It started with new iPhone 6 and with its third part it ends. Take your position play your mighty role. If you haven’t played first two parts then I suggest first play them and later play it so you could understand whole storyline. It is highly recommendable on graphics side and its gameplay. Visual effects and gameplay are plus side of this game and its graphics are not less than any PlayStation or Xbox games. It is an epic battle which will give you RPG experience on your smartphones & tablets.


This game is created by SQUARE ENIX developers and it is most comparable game with our PlayStation games. The graphics and visual effects in the game make it playable on our iDevices, and on iPad Pro it looks very better than iPhone. The storyline of the game is like our console game and character representation is amazing. Developers made it with engaged gameplay and if you like Japanese RPG titles then you may love it. Sound effects and gameplay is awesome and they will engage you till the end of game. The price for CHAOS RINGS II is much more than other iOS games but if you spend some money then you can get it on your new iPad.


This is one of the famous game titles in game history, which is now available in iOS App Store. The people who played this game they know better value of this game. It is very famous before ten years ago but still it is in main list of many gamers. Till there are seven parts of this games available in App Store and all are worth to play. The graphics is not so good compare to today’s games but its sound effects and gameplay are perfect to engage you. The storyline and character representation are also a good point in game.

4. Star Wars: The Old Days of Republic

It is also a 90’s decade game and one of the famous titles. On the occasion of 10th anniversary of this game it lands on iOS platform. The game still looks like a today’s title and its storyline will never bore you. The graphics is one of the better in its era and you can see same graphics on your new iPad Pro. It lands on iOS with its original character set and with all its visual effects. It is epic battle where you can see galaxies and planets and fights against bad aliens. If you played it on your consoles then you might disappoint due to limited control settings on the tiny screen otherwise it is must playable title.

5. Bastion

After the success of Bastion, its developers made available this game on iOS platform. It is highly playable title on every iPhone and iPad devices. Firstly, it was launched on iPad models but later due to its popularity developers launched it on iPhone devices. The Bastion game looks natural because of its character set which made by artist with their own hands. It is highly recommendable game on iOS devices. The storyline and gameplay are worth to play for hours and its graphics and visual effects is one of the best on any iOS devices. The price of the game is only $5 in the iOS App Store.

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This is our top list of best graphics games for iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 11, iPad Mini & iPad Air models and we personally played it on our new iPad. If you know other RPGs which are better to play then tell us and we will list them. The iOS App Store has games like Fortnite, PUBG, Asphalt 9: Legends, Modern Combat 5 and many other epic titles but instead of them we thought to go with some classic games.

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