Wear OS to Soon Have Google’s Gmail & Calendar Apps

Google has relaunched its Google Maps & Keep apps for the Wear OS 2.0 version. It was removed by the company for no reason, and in a surprise move, it has been brought it back. This is not all, further, the company is working on Gmail & Calendar apps for the Wear OS watches. The report coming from 9To5Google first broke this news. The website has shared some screenshots of the running Pixel Watch with Gmail & Calendar.

As per the tipsters, Google is testing both apps on the Pixel Watch. Of course, if the apps ever launch for wearables, then Google’s first-generation smartwatch will be first in the line. No need to tell you that the apps will also come to other watches including Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5.

My experience with Gmail at this moment is not that great. I can only avail the emails by the app notifications. Once you read the emails, then they disappear from the watch. There is no way to re-read them or type a new email from the watch itself.

Gmail for Wear OS Galaxy Watch

The Calendar somehow made a way on the Wear OS via the Agenda app. You can access it using tiles or complications, but there are many limitations for now. It shows only three days of appointments, and you have to create a new event by using Google Assistant.

Slowly, Google has introduced most of its essential apps in the Play Store for smartwatches. Now, in the remaining YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, and Chrome, two are heading to the watches. There is no timeline for these apps, but Google is making sure to launch them for Wear OS watches.