In the new major firmware, Samsung has introduced a Sweat Loss monitor feature for the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5. The company has also improved VO2 Max’s functionality to measure oxygen intake levels. All eyes are on the new moisture detection or Sweat loss monitor function on the wrist. For your information, the sweat loss function will measure how much moisture you have lost during a particular workout. For now, the function only works with running activity, where VO2 Max supports running & walking.

Many users are confused about moisture detection activation and its usage while workout. To be clear, it is not a separate function on the smartwatch or in the Samsung Health app. It is the value that will be delivered after you finish the running session. Both are important values for fitness enthusiastic users, and they should use them to improve their fitness. For new users getting their first hand at these features, here are the steps to use the Sweat loss monitor on Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch 5.

Get Sweat Loss value

It is not easy to get sweat loss value on the Samsung watches. In the other functions like SpO2 & BP, you can get a score by tapping on the measure button, but here you have to achieve targets to see the results. For sweat loss value, you have to run for 2.5KM at the speed of 5 KM/hour. Also, automatic heart rate and GPS functions should be activated to measure the heart rate condition & running distance.

Activate Sweat loss Function

1. Start Running activity

Sweet Loss on Galaxy Watch 4

For now, the new function only works with running activities. You can start running from the workout list from the smartwatch, or just start running as it is an auto-detected workout mode.

2. Follow all the rules, and run

Sweet Loss on Galaxy Watch 4

Yes, to get the final results, you have to run by achieving all the rules. For this, make sure you run for a minimum of 2.5 km with a speed of 5km/h. Also, make sure the GPS is on, and the watch is tracking your heart rate.

3. Finish the workout

Sweet Loss on Galaxy Watch 4

When you run for at least 2.5 km, then you can stop running. To finish a workout, you can use the back button and then tap on the Finish option, or just wait for a few seconds to let the smartwatch automatically finish it for you.

4. Open workout data

Sweat Loss on Galaxy Watch 4

You can open your recent running history on the same tab when you finish the activity or go to the Samsung Health app. In the Samsung Health app, you can see the history of all your performed activity and their scores. Open the running activity score to see the sweat loss results.

5. Slide down to the Sweat loss results

Sweat Loss Galaxy Watch 4

In a detailed score of running, you get the VO2 Max score, heart rate data, time, distance, speed, route back, and the new sweat loss data.

6. Follow the instruction given by Sweat loss measurement

Sweat Loss Galaxy Watch 4

The main purpose of the Sweat loss function is to provide how much moisture you have spent during your running session. After measuring your sweat, it will suggest to you how much water you should drink to recover your body.

These are the steps to get moisture loss data on the new Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. The function is in the early stage, and it is not for medical purposes, so use it for your personal use, and drink water according to your need.

By Madhav Biradar

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