Pixel Watch with Fitbit Services Leaked in New Picture

It’s not new that Google Pixel Watch really exists in the wearable market. In the last few months, there is a series of leaks about the smartwatch. The new image has been leaked by Evan Blass in cooperation with 91Mobiles. The image reveals some interesting facts about the Google Watch. The first is its integration with Fitbit services. In 2019, Google has bought Fitbit to take over the services. It is time for Google to put all those Fitbit services the work, and Pixel Watch could be the start of it.

We thought Pixel Watch will come as an independent watch with exclusive features. In the new leaks, it possibly gets some or nearly all features from the Fitbit. Further, for now, it has been codenamed Rohan and you can see the name of the leaked documents. It also hints the new watch will come with Wear OS 3.1 version at launching. I am not with this leak as the current Galaxy Watch 4 is running on Wear OS 3.2 version. It means Google could release newer software for its watch.

Google Pixel Watch Leaks

The rumored launch date for Pixel Watch is in October this year. Some users still believe the smartwatch might be announced at the May event. None of the dates are official yet, so take it with a pinch of salt. The upcoming Google Watch will have a round display with a single physical button. The physical button will work as a digital crown and return to the home screen. At the next Google event, we will hear more about Google Pixel Watch.

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