Galaxy S22 Series will Get Camera Boost in Early March (Update: Released)

Update: Samsung is now releasing its first major update for Galaxy S22 series devices. The firmware version S9**NKSU1AVBH is rolling out with the March security patch & the download size is over 1.2GB. Last week, the company had mentioned releasing new firmware in early March, and it is now live in its home country. In the new software, Samsung has enhanced camera capabilities & taken care of minor issues. For the official changelog, you can see the image below (in Korea) or read the covered points (Google Translated) in the original article below.

Original Story follows: Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 series is getting overwhelmed responses from all the major countries. Thanks to its top-notch performance that gets the attention of users in the first sale. On the new series, apart from its other features, the camera is also one of the major parts that have been grabbed attention. Now to make it one of the best camera phones, Samsung has today announced more features to the Galaxy S22 devices. First, from today, the Galaxy S22 series users can use the Expert RAW app on their phone to extend the camera capability.

Further, Samsung has scheduled to launch the first major update for the Galaxy S22 in early March. In the official announcement, Camera in Charge has mentioned there will be a camera update for the S22 models to enhance camera quality. In the next update, Samsung will remove the Auto HDR function from Camera settings. Samsung is also increasing shooting time in night mode to 30 seconds when shooting in dark areas with the ultra-wide-angle camera fixed on a tripod.

Here are the changes that will come with the next update.

  1. The Auto HDR menu has been simplified to always provide optimal image quality regardless of the shooting environment. The ‘Auto HDR’ menu in the camera settings will be deleted after the update. If you do not want HDR shooting, you can shoot in Pro mode or turn off ‘Auto HDR’ in Expert RAW to take the desired picture.
  2. Improved usability by adding an option to keep the used camera in portrait mode. Go to ‘Keep Settings’ in the camera settings and check the ‘Portrait Mode Lens’ item.
  3. The shooting time in Night Mode has been increased to 30 seconds to take brighter pictures when shooting in very dark environments with the ultra-wide-angle camera fixed on a tripod.
  4. In addition, we have made additional optimizations so that you can use the camera more comfortably, so please try it by downloading the update.

Samsung has confirmed to bring this update live in early March, and it might start with the home country.