Fenix 6 Series Gets Stable 21.80 Update with Major Fixes

Fenix 6 Alpha 25.76 Update

Garmin released software update 21.00 for Fenix 6 series smartwatches in May. It came with plenty of new features, but that didn’t go well for many users. After the installation, users were facing major issues like faster battery draining. Now to fix all those issues, Garmin has rolled out a stable 21.80 firmware update for Fenix 6 series watches. It has fixed all the issues that users complained about in the official forum.

The software is released to tackle all the known issues, and you can see it in the official changelog. There is nothing new in the version but a bunch of fixes for the watches. As per changelog, the problem where “battery in Days” would report 0 in connect IQ report has been fixed.

Here, Garmin tries to say users only see battery decline in Connect IQ graph, but in reality, there wasn’t an issue. The users say a different story about battery issues. In the end, it is good they have fixed it. You can share your battery usage if there is an improvement in this case.

Fenix 6 Series 21.80 Update

Here is the official changelog for Fenix 6 series watches.

  • Fixed an issue where Run/Walk/Idle total time didn’t equal Total Time displayed on watch/Garmin Connect (now all times when totaled should match Total Time).

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not delete a Strength workout from the device.

  • Fixed an issue with Metronome hotkey not working in the Walk activity.

  • Fixed issue in the Jumpmaster activity where the listed elevation data would not properly update.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the device from booting up properly.

  • Fixed a possible crash when completing Strength workouts that didn’t have any rep counting steps.

  • Fixed issue where “Battery in Days” would report 0 in Connect IQ apps.

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

The firmware update is available to download from the official Garmin forum. Initially, it is available to install on 10% of users. The remaining users will soon receive the update in the coming days.