Best GPS & Navigation Apps for Fenix 7 Series

Garmin is always one step ahead in the advanced features. The Fenix series also get a big slice of cake when it comes to exclusive functions. Along with health and essential tools, Garmin offers a couple of GPS & navigation services with the watches. There is no doubt Garmin smartwatches include accurate GPS services. The latest Fenix 7, Fenix 7 Solar & Saphhire Solar series watches are also hailed with such sensors inside the body, and we can rely on them.

Still, there is room for third-party services to enhance the capabilities of GPS & navigation services. Sadly, some worthy apps have been discontinued from Connect IQ Stores. In recent, Strava Routes get removed itself from the store without any reason. It was a good app for runners, and it helped users to sync their data to the Strava app. Even without Google Maps & Apple Maps, Garmin App Store has plenty of needy apps. Let’s look out best GPS & navigation apps for Fenix 7 series watches.

Best GPS & Navigation Apps for Fenix 7

1. dwMap

Best Fenix 7 GPS AppsWith over a million users downloading the dwMap app, it is recommended app. The app has maintained over 4-stars in user reviews. The high star rating by such users indicates how helpful the dwMap is for them. It will let you create manual maps and routes and upload them to a smartwatch. You can visit the official website to upload the new map of your upcoming journey. It also lets you synchronize routes and other data to Strava, Google Maps, Ride with GPS, Garmin Connect, GPX Files, and more. It supports Fenix 7, Fenix 7S, Fenix 7X, and their Solar variants.

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2. Komoot

Best Fenix 7 GPS AppsWhen you are going for outdoor exercises, hiking, adventure, or other fun, then Komoot is the best option for you. You can make a plan for your next adventure and get a perfect route plan. With its GPS & navigation, and route back system, you will not be alone in remote areas. It suggests the best routes, trails for your run, and topographic routing outdoor. You can share your route journey with friends, and also there is a vast online community to offer a hand. In Komoot, share your story with other users, so they could get help in their next adventure.

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3. Route Planner

Best Fenix 7 Navigation AppsIt is made by the same developers who have made the dwMap app. It has installed over a year ago, and now it has been updated for the new Garmin Fenix 7 series & Epix Gen 2 watches. As the name suggests, you can plan your routes for your next trekking or hiking. You can also connect Route Planner with Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation and other functions. It allows you to record your activities for future usage and analyze it. To use the Route Planner, you have to use the companion app on Android or Apple smartphones.

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4. Locus Map

Best Fenix 7 Navigation AppsIt is a navigation app with a couple of handy features to use with Fenix 7 series watches. Locus Map helps you to plan your outdoor routes, track them, and use turn-by-turn navigation. By using the companion app on a paired smartphone, you can create the route and track it as well as navigate it on Garmin Watch. It shows real-time data, navigation, guidance support, track recording, and sharing with a companion app. You can unlock more features in the Pro version, though the free version is sufficient.

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It is difficult to find many GPS & navigation apps for Fenix 7 series. Most developers still have to build their apps for new watches. We are not talking about Fenix 6 series & the Marq series as almost all the apps are available for them. In a few days, I will update this article to add more apps in this category. If you know any better GPS & navigation apps for Fenix 7 series, then mention them in the comment box below.